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Brown Dresses

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Brown is the new black



Dresses, a clothing item worn by women which adds more beauty and grace to their already charming personalities. There are a lot of different styles of dresses available; you should choose the best one according to your body type and your comfort. In case you're trying to get out of your comfort zone and try that bodycon dress for once but then a voice in your head stops you from doing so by saying "what will people say?" To that, my answer will be "kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna"; so you rather do your thing, wear whatever dress you want to wear.


Color matters:

Just the way everything you do says something about your personality. Similarly the color of your dress tells a lot about you as a person, your mindset and your mood. So choose your colors wisely if you’re going for some really important meeting or anything like that.


Let’s take color brown for that matter; it shows reliability, sensibility, loyalty and stability of the person. As we all know brown is the color of Mother Nature, so whenever you wear a brown dress, it portrays that you’re sensible, reliable and doesn’t rush into things. You’re rather rational and take your decisions wisely after considering every aspect.


Impact of wearing brown dresses:


  • It emboldens the feeling of safety and security.
  • It also shows compassion, warmth and calmness; so often it is considered as a good choice for interior decor.
  • At times, brown can be a depressing, sombre or boring color. So you need to choose your shade of brown smartly.


Dark Brown Dresses:


Dark brown color is considered as an alternative of black color, it brings warmth to the room. If you’re wearing a dark brown dress, no doubt you’ll look serene and gorgeous but it also adds a hint of approachability and mystery to your personality.


Light Brown Dresses:


On the other hand, light brown dresses can be a put off, if not chosen carefully. As light brown color is considered to be a shade of loneliness, sadness and dependability. So rather select your brown dress sensibly.

What goes well with Brown dresses?


We all know black is everyone’s go to color as it does not require much effort while contrasting and accessorizing. But let me break it to you; brown is as versatile as black also it is less predictable, though maintains the mystery. So yes we can say, “Brown is the new black”.

  • When you pair your brown dresses with hues, the result is surprisingly sophisticated and subtle. 
  • It gives luxurious feel when a brown dress is paired with an army green jacket.
  • Black with brown can never go wrong, neutral tones of both colors complement each other really well.
  • Different shades of brown together makes your dress a statement piece.
  • Brown dress with a pop of pink will make your look more playful and quirky.


As they say, even if you have a closet full of colors and yet every morning you pick out the same brown dress or a different shade of the same color. It shows that you’re a confident woman with a great sense of responsibility and reliability. And if you’re looking for such powerful yet chic brown dress, you can get it on with perfect fitting, fabric and style.