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Embroidered Dresses

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Can Embroidery Designs Enhance Indian Traditions?

Indian attires are known for its incredible embroidery designs made in different colors that may be classy handmade Sarees or designer outfits for western style Women outfits. It’s quite obvious that the color of the dress reflects one’s personality as well as a status but as Indians prefer elegant costume with royal touches on it such as Wedding Lehangas. Indian dresses also include Long Anarkali suits, Punjabi dress, and Designer kurtas etc in the wardrobe which are said to be the most beautiful clothing in the world. Apart from that, plus size dresses such as Sarees with good needlework on it that enhances the elegance of the personality with golden threads or silver threads are also mostly preferred in India.

Embroidery designs in Indian women wears

The main benefit of normal embroidered dresses is that they can merge in any environment starting from the professional duties to party wears. They can be both set as casual as well as fancy emitting festive vibes that probably depends upon the tailor. Moreover, stitched dresses with collected materials from online shopping can be cheaper but look expensive due to the extreme skills of tailoring. Simple looking floral embroidery designs on kurtas and salwar suits with proper women jewelry and sandal look a lot more elegant than western style attires such as blazers. Cotton silk embroidered dress materials with eye-pleasing colors like pink and red are also the latest trend in ethnic as well as casual fashion which is also followed by celebrities in Bollywood.

The significance of embroidery women dresses

India is the country with most festivals celebrated throughout the country varies from region to region and thus this work in their respective clothing also varies. Sarees from Kolkata has impeccable sewing skills in their traditional Sarees that makes them elegant as well as regional too. In the same way, people of Orissa and Maharashtra also prefer Indian traditional dresses with good embroidery works on it which depicts their region as well as personality. South Indian styles for women clothing is the most popular designs all over the world such as parts Sarees with golden work on it.