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<h2>How to Style a Dupatta to get an Indo-western Look?</h2>
<p>Indo-western look is so in trend these days that we all want to do some fusion with our old traditional dresses. Well, dupattas can play an important role in styling your traditional dresses. Read on to know how.</p>
<p>Indo-western look is the new talk of the town. The ethnic look is very common in Indian wedding season so if you want to pick a unique look then Indo-western look is perfect for you. The embroidery dupattas and Indian chunnis can help you get your desired Indo-western look.</p>
<p><strong>Following tips can make you the center of attraction in any party because of your unique dressing style. </strong></p>
<h2>Sash Style</h2>
<p>The sash styled party dupattas give you glamorous look. The best part of this style is that it is comfortable. You can carry the sash style dupatta with a sexy crop top and Palazzo or Skirts. Sash style can give you a glamorous indo-western look without any mess up.</p>
<h2>Dupattas with Pants</h2>
<p>Dupatta with pants creates the perfect Indo-western cocktail. It's a new trend set by Bollywood divas. A plated single dupatta looks different yet elegant with pants. You can wear a short kurta with pants and a pleated dupatta on one shoulder. This look is just perfect to impress the fashion police.</p>
<h2>Dupattas with Belt</h2>
<p>It’s common to carry party dupattas with skirts or lehengas or pants and to give this look a twist, you can add a belt. A belt with pants and embroidery dupattas gives you a unique indo-western look. To have it, you need to carry pleated dupatta on one shoulder and wear a belt on it.</p>
<h2>The Boho Look</h2>
<p>Boho look is so in fashion and you can pick it to look awesome in some get-together or before and after wedding function. Since Deepika picked a Boho look at her wedding reception, it becomes a trend. To get a Boho look with your Indian dress just tuck your dupatta in your bun and let it flow. To get the Boho look use chunnis instead of embroidery dupattas.</p>
<h2>Carefree Look</h2>
<p>Carrying embroidery dupattas with <strong><a title="Indian Stylish Clothing" href="">Indian traditional outfit</a></strong> is not an easy task. Usually, these dupattas are too heavy to carry. So you need to use so many safety pins to get the traditional look. But as Indo-western is what you want to pick,be carefree and tuck your party dupatta with a safety pin on your one shoulder and leave it like that. You can pick this style with Pants or Lehengas. This will look hot with deep neck blouses.</p>
<p>So keep experimenting with your party dupattas and chunnis to look different and stylish.</p>
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