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Be the Centre of Attention at any Party in a Satin Kurti


In the middle ages, Satin was made of real silk and used to be extremely expensive. It would be preferred only by the nobility. The name Satin was derived from the Chinese port city of Quanzhou whose name in medieval Arabic was “Zayton”. Nowadays satin comes mixed with artificial materials like nylon and polyester that’s why they are cheaper.


Satin Kurtis with Prints


We have thousands of different Satin Kurtis tops with Digital Prints and Block Prints available on the eanythingindian website.


  • A digital textile printing machine takes the printable design of a digital data file and prints it onto a fabric. The fabric is colored by tiny ink droplets produced by thousands of different print heads.

  • Block printing involves dipping a wooden block in colored paint and printing the design on to clothing. It is quite popular in Rajasthan.


Select some of the best satin Kurtis, satin sarees and satin salwar kameez along with a few pieces of spectacular imitation jewelry from our website. You can wear satin clothes on a daily basis as well as to any party.


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