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Get the variety of Lehenga Choli Online at The Best Prices


Lehenga choli is Indian traditional attire that is usually worn on traditional occasions and ceremonies. This is the ideal attire that helps you look attractive and appealing upon wearing. This can be worn on festivals and wedding occasions as well. It is three-piece attire that consists of a blouse that is called choli, dupatta and a long and wide skirt the falls from the waist. The dupatta of the lehenga is actually worn on different styles to add the uniqueness and as per the wish of the wearer. It is available in the market with diverse embroidered, printed and embellished designs for you.


The lehenga is known as the fine attire that is considered to come in popularity with the arrival of Mughals in India. It is popular attire that is like by the women in North India. The oldest form of lehenga was popularly used in many fabric, it was started with cotton and then silk and brocades that were worn by the royals.


Varieties of Lehenga

 1. With time the lehenga choli has undergone various changes in styles and types. The lehenga choli is known with different names with multiple versions of it. It comes with different styles and each style has its own popularity among the women. They are known as the ghagra, lancha and sharara. All these names are of the bottom wear in the pair and have been differentiated on the basis of these bottoms. They are worn depending on the choice and occasion you are attending. If we talk about the wedding lehengas then they are worn with two dupattas by the bride. Apart from this type is worn on various occasions.

 2. Ghagras are a type of skirt that has the frill and usually comes with more pleats and frills that make it lose and wide skirt-like outfit. Whereas the lehenga comes with an A-line skirt that falls from the waistband. They are available in various forms since they can be availed in ghagra such as Rajasthani and Gujarati that can be availed with various fabrics. They are embellished with various adornments such as beads, crystals, Kundan and various colors and designs. They are also available with dye and mirror-work that is widely known for the

 3. Unlike the ghagra lacha has the long choli that comes to the knee length and the designs of the skirt may vary but the size of the kurta will remain the same. This is the only type of lehenga that comes with variation in blouse as per the traditional influences. These lehengas are also inspired by traditional and modern trends. It is one of the latest Indian that can be experimented a lot. They come with zipping and knot for the adjustments. These come with various innovations and techniques that can also be styled in different ways.


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