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­­­Feast Your Eyes On Ready made Indian Dresses

'Clothing' which is sometimes referred to as 'apparel', 'attire' or 'clothes' is a combined term assigned for items that are covered across our body. Clothes were introduced more than 72,000 years ago. Outfits are designed out of animal skin, textiles and fine layers of materials merged with each other. Clothing offers multiple purposes such as safeguarding our body while working in potential hazardous conditions. They often act as a defensive mechanism against thorns, prickles and insect bites. Clothes are insulated to prevent invasion of harmful and toxic substances on our body. It protects our skin from ultra-violet radiation.

Purposes Of Readymade Dresses For Women

Readymade dress for ladies offers multiple benefits like protection against sunburn, thermal insulation. Traditionally, people residing in warmer wear thinner and finer layers of outfits. Clothes are made out of various types of materials like furs, leather, woven materials and natural as well as synthetic fibers. Wearing apt clothes would reduce the risks related with activities like sports.

Western Influence

In the current era, women prefer to wear trendy attires in order to flaunt their beauty. Wide ranges of women dresses are designed to make you feel ravishing and stunning. Western dresses are authentic attires that have captured the attention of people worldwide. It blends well with your body and appears to be flawless. Multiple shopping portals have in store a range of western attire in unique designs catering to various body types and sizes.

Women Dresses Online

This dazzling piece of outfit featuring stunning designs and prints are always in vogue. Women casual dress containing round neck exudes charm and beauty. Some online shopping portals focus on western dress to establish a product line that falls under the women's segment. One of the sought after women's wear is party wear dresses.

Finest collection of readymade dresses for women is filled with elegance, charm and trendy outlook. Most of them are meant to be worn during auspicious occasions like family get-together, wedding, reception and similar events. 

Differences Between Custom-Made And Ready Made Indian Dresses

Clothing is broadly classified into two namely tailor made and readymade outfits. The former one is customized while the latter is readily available in the market. Some of the major differences between these two are discussed below.

Customized Garments

Tailor made items are embroidered from a specific pattern designed out of measurements taken from a person's body size. Take for example; a tailored suit is one of the finest examples of customized t-shirts.

Benefits Of Tailor Made Outfits

Distinctive outfit:-

Customized clothing has an edge over readymade attires since you could get a distinctive outfit. Customers have the liberty to pick a suitable design that cannot be altered or replicated.

Accurate fit

Customized tailoring consists of tailor-made patterns and designs. Garments are designed out of distinctive patterns that make use of a range of measurements to fit well.

Unlimited options

Tailor-made clothing is precise. Customers have varied options like picking a reliable fabric, cut, color, style, pattern, button placements and design. Each one is exclusively meant for various events like cocktail parties, business conference etc.

Enhanced durability

With optimum quality, durability of custom-made clothing is guaranteed. You could save a considerable amount of money without any sorts of replacement of women dresses online. Be prudent while purchasing attires failing which chances of wear and tear will be very high. Therefore, choose top quality suits that would last for a longer period of time.


The cost involved in purchasing a readymade wear is lower when compared to customized clothing. The reality is that a readymade dresses for ladies manufactured in limited sizes might not necessarily suit your tastes and preferences.


Waiting period

A major setback with respect to tailor made clothes is the delay in designing a costume. However, it is worth investing in customized attires as you can rest assure a great outcome.

Manufacturing defects

Another hitches related to tailored garment is the possibility of design flaws during the production process. But the chances of defects are remote if the task is carried out by a professional tailor.

Pros And Cons Of Readymade Dress For Ladies

Garments preserved in physical outlets are manufactured in huge quantities at varying shapes and sizes. Now we shall move on to some of the pros and cons of readymade dress online.


Wide range of options:-

Since garments like women dresses are manufactured in huge volume, it is instantly available at various physical stores. The very same piece of attire arrives in varying sizes like (XS) and (XL). For example, if a person desires to procure a garment but with a different array of colors, then readymade garments could be their ideal option.

Readymade clothes arrive in different styles that capture attention of a customer who has a distinct taste and preference.

Smooth decision making

Readymade dresses online allows the customers to browse via a diverse range of garments and execute quick decisions prior to purchase.


Absence of distinctive design

Lack of unique design is yet another setback with regard to custom-made clothes as they are produced in large quantities.

Exorbitant rates

The exact rate of readymade women dresses is low as they are produced in huge volume. But, when are put for sale under renowned brands, prices escalate thrice than the actual market rate.

Poor quality

Readymade clothes need not necessarily have sufficient quality thereby forcing the customers to replace it with another one.

Fixed size

Sizes of readymade dresses for women are fixed without any option for alteration. Each brand contains a specific size guideline that might drive customers into a fix. Take for example, if you intend to buy a pair of jeans from a unique brand, it might fit into a 32 inch size. If the same is purchased from another brand, the size could differ.

A Readymade cloth is characterized by a stable standard pattern which does not cater to the unique tastes of customers. This would lead to garments being quite unappealing and displeasing to our eyes.