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Pink Anarkali

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Buy Graceful, Pink Anarkali Suits

Pink is a delicate and charming color that signifies femininity, fragility and love. It is associated with bubble gum, babies, little girls, flowers, cotton candy, and sweetness.
Enhance your personality and glamour with rare pieces of long Anarkali dresses in pink, available on the website. Anarkali suits are in vogue and are ruling over the humongous Indian fashion industry. These were first discovered during the Mughal era in Akbar’s court and are named after the legendary slave courtesan called Anarkali. They are a great blend of old and new fashion as they come down from a bygone era and are still in hot trend
These days the top fashion designers are experimenting with Anarkali styles and creating their own creative versions of it.
We have a large collection of these salwar suits in varying shades of pink and different embroideries, stonework, etc. You can pair your Anarkali with all kinds of Kundan and Polki jewelry from our jewelry collection.