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Ways to enhance your look with net salwar!

With the westernization of our cultures, it also affected our dressing sense everyday adversely. Where we first wore sarees every day, now we hardly ever wear them on occasions also. But why? Salwars and Sarees can be worn in so many different ways to make it look like you have put in a lot of effort, but it will be as minimal yet chic as ever! Here is your guide to how to ace a net salwar for the win, for as many occasions as you like!

The Girl Next Door 

With your net salwar, wear a really pretty kameez, cotton kameez, and it will look so heavy and boom! There is your chic and effortless outfit under a minute! Tie your hair into a loose ponytail, add some lipgloss and some cheek tint, wear some good old jhumkas and take a pretty dupatta to go with it! Carry a jhola bag along with that, some pretty flats, and there is your beautiful girl next door outfit!

Boho Boss Babe

Wear a long white shirt, steal it from the men in your life, to make it look oversized and stylish and wear it over the net salwar. Take a belt, tie it above your waist let your hair loose, wear a nose ring and tie your hair into a half topknot, wear white sneakers for that comfort and bohemian look, wear an experimental lip color like blue or black or really dark brown, even wine would look good! Add that sass by carrying a neon backpack to add a pop of color to elevate the whole look and play around with some junk jewelry, and there is your street style boho boss babe outfit under a budget and as amazing as ever!

Net on Net -

Net Salwars go pretty well with Net shirts and kurtas, so wear a short net kurta along with a pretty net salwar! Just like prints on prints, even Net On Net looks super expensive, it looks really heavy, occasion wise and makes sure to glam up your makeup for that extra glam that you want. Wear a net on net outfit and dab a great amount of highlight and bronze your face well, do not forget to neatly tuck your hair behind your ears in a middle parting and add a bright colored lipstick and you are good to go!

Net is really in fabric, and it is something that never goes out of style. Moreover, it is also very age-appropriate. Even if you are a student and in your mid-twenties, the fabric would look as great on you as it would on an aged lady who's a mother of two! So, the net is appropriate for every age, every season and every occasion! Go find that net salwar hidden somewhere in your closet and make the most out of this festive season! Even on Diwali, a wedding - net is something that looks good on everyone and every occasion!


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