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                                      Stylish Indian Sarees for Women of all Age-Groups

Saree is an Indian mark of pride, a traditional attire that has been used on a daily basis for generations to come. Different groups of people are known for not only wearing it differently but adapting to different styles and customizing it to their locale. Today, an Indian saree has become a lot more than six yards of tradition a woman wraps around her. Indian Women all around the country have and are associated with the Indian sarees blouse as something that's an integral part of their identity, something that's not just traditional but is modern and has been adapted so. Due to its international appeal, the pretty saree continues to evolve and almost like water, takes the style assigned to it.

 Origin and Evolution of the Traditional Indian Sarees

The Indian sari you see today is nothing compared to what it took birth as. The saree was once just a cloth that a woman wrapped around herself. The other elements like a blouse, skirt, etc. were added over time. Originally, a long cloth was first draped around like how we see in a saree now in the Indus Valley civilization around 2800BC. Even the very term, "Sari" means "strip of cloth" indicating its purpose as well. Apart from India, graceful sarees have a national appeal in countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Fancy sarees are now worn by women of all these countries.

There are obviously many ways of tying the Indian saree, but it was earlier known to be tied around the waist and the remaining fabric draped over one shoulder. However, Stylish sarees are now gaining popularity amongst youngsters as well, and due to its adaptability, it is also worn with T-shirts, crop tops and more. Any piece of clothing stands the test of time by adapting itself and we can be proud that the saree has done and does it even now.

 Types of Sarees

Indian saris can be differentiated based on the material used, the patterns, the process of making and also most importantly, the manner of draping the saree online. They are mostly categorized on the process and materials used and the manner of draping. So, we shall look at the broadly classified forms of a saree-

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees - Due to the gold embroidery, Kanchipuram silk sarees have an element of grandeur that doesn't require extensive beadwork or multiple colours. Because of this reason, it can be simple and still make an appearance. In its monotonous nature, lies the luxury it's popular for. They're also popularly worn in South India and is the perfect choice for traditional festivities and occasions.

 Bhagalpuri Saree - Also made from the 'queen of all fabrics' - silk, Bhagalpuri Sarees shows the superior quality over other sarees. This saree is very famous not only in India but also internationally. It has a striking resilience and substance like no other. It's obvious that a Bhagalpuri silk saree is to be preferred for a modest yet royal look than any other type.

 Kota Sarees- These sarees are the reason women can wear them every day. If you ever wonder how they do it? We can owe it all to these comfortable and lightweight Kota sarees that aren't as burdensome as the heavy beadwork sarees and can easily fit into your routine and lifestyle.

 Bandani Saree- The Hindi word Bandhan literally meaning "tie" refers to the "tie and dye" technique followed in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Although both states are famous for the saree, Khatri community in Gujarat is acknowledged as a pioneering force for the same.

 Phulkari Saree - This form came to the limelight with the Heer Ranjha story and the words Phulkari literally means 'flower work'. The name suggests that it is about floral prints and designs and is usually used on bright hues and colours. Unlike most above sarees, this share is made of cotton or khadi, and the material makes it easier to go back to it as it's comfortable and breathable as well.

 Chikinkari Saree - This form is very famous in Lucknow and has been translated to kurtas, lehengasanarkalis and dupattas. It's usually fine relishable work done with a muslin cloth. With the intricate designs, it also presents a very sophisticated look that's usually admired by viewers. The luxury of the chikinkari saree doesn't come in loud, vibrant colours but rather in soft, subtle and pastels that are complemented with white work. This always gives a very calm and soothing response to the eyes.

 Kalamkari Sarees - Derived from an ancient world Kalam meaning pen and Kari meaning craftsmanship, kalamkari sarees depict the craft done with a tamarind pen. These layers are done one over the other and involve around twenty-three steps of dyeing that makes it popular and desirable.

 The above Indian sarees are nationally known apart from many others. Sarees are associated with a plus and grace that no other traditional attire can quite replicate. Given the history, they're also one of the most comfortable clothing for women and have become the norm over time. However, sarees are being modified, and various styles of different regions are being combined to make the best of all worlds. When times are increasing so rapidly, why are you still waiting to include them in your wardrobe?

Designer Saree- The Quintessential Attire for an Indian woman

 Wear your identity with pride - For those who know, sarees have not only been our national identity but also feature in our regional identity and thereby can be a brilliant choice. You'd never feel out of place as it's accepted in almost every part of the country and you'd feel like you're at home.

 No size issues - Usually, dresses and Western clothing is said to be more suitable or available for a certain size over the other. This can be very disheartening for many people who don't find their size. With sarees, you can ditch this major problem and feel like you're at ease even if you're not thin as society requires you to be. Sarees will help you find yourself and like yourself as you are.

 No age barrier - Just like size, there's no age barrier either. The same date can suit the mother or the daughter and has usually been a huge advantage. You can mix and match prints with people around you if they're interested and it's completely alright. Have increased saree options even when you don't.

 One Saree, Many blouses- If you know this saree-verse you'd know that there's no one blouse for a saree (and vice versa!) This could act in your favour as you can always wear different blouses and the same saree will appear very different and unique. So, the same saree, different statement, right?

 Flaunt your curves- Sarees are one of the only clothes that actually enhance and help you flaunt your body, without having you fit on or be very cruel to your body. Really tight clothes are always a disappointment. With sarees, you don't have to worry about shopping or tying hassle as it only adds to your beauty than attempting to modify it in any way.

 Footwear flexibility- There are always more options with footwear when you're opting for a saree. This is because nobody can see your feet and you could conveniently choose something comfortable over fashionable, and it will not make a difference.

Drape-to-date - Your draping styles can be innovative if you keep up with the times. If they're not new and up-to-date, your saree game is still a win-win. The only advantage here is that it allows the same saree to appear very different on different occasions. This removes the dread of having to wear the same outfit over and over again.

These days half and half sarees are popular in India. These are modern versions of the traditional saree and look good on anyone.

Knowing the above reasons, there's no doubt that you're already scrolling through sarees and different styles to take home your favourite. With our extensive collections of all these styles, find detailed descriptions and choose your favourite colours to ensure you leave satisfied. Our designer sarees are known for the glam and royalty that can be attained even by the common people.

All said and done; your saree exploration must keep in mind the texture and material of the saree, the type of work done on the saree and the effort that goes into the same, the colours that best suits you and the type of saree that best suits your body. Don't go for the first thing you see just for the sake of it. If you're saree shopping, commit to the cause. Make a choice you can be proud of and can carry the saree even if you do so repeatedly. Remember to experiment with the Indian saree blouse and the drapes.

Finally, let your saree blouse capture your personality. With collections as vast as the types of sarees in the country, you're just a click away from making the next best choice of your life. Allow yourself to ponder, compare and only then choose the outfit if you're convinced it'll enhance and resonate who you are. That's why a lot of people go for radiant and colourful traditional sarees as although it may be just a piece of clothing, but it has the capacity to uplift someone's mood and spread positive vibes around. Don't you already want to buy them all?