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What Role Does Various Indian Sarees Play In Traditional Wears?

Indian Sarees is one of the oldest forms of clothing in the world which reflects the very own tradition and culture of the country. It has the history of centuries of years and since then people are fond of its beauty and significance as remarkable women attire. Although various changes in looks and colors are seen at present, the same old model is still preserved with almost all women. Hindu tradition has lots of festivals and every day of a week has some specialty in any of the regions of the county literally which is why the glory of ancient tradition is still followed maintaining the same prestige as our ancestors. They are the symbol of the ethnicity and prestigious Hindu culture and thus every region has their own unique way of wearing it varying in the model, color as well as way of wearing.

The significance of Sarees

Although various regions of the country have their own different clothing styles, these are the common attire in all of them. They are woven with different styles including different embroidery designs, unique artwork on falls and edges and complimented with matching color blouse and Jewellery. Cotton and silk outfits are known to be the best of clothing that provides utmost comfort as well as glancing look enhancing the aura and charm of the personality. Not only the beauty but also simplicity and elegance are flaunted by the incredible craftsmanship of designer outfits. When it comes to weddings season, Sarees has its own importance according to the Indian culture and shopping of wedding garments surely includes many types of it for different functions while wedding. Even regional festivals such as Onam, Pongal etc in South India, Diwali, and Dussehra etc in South India surely have this oldest attire on their collection list.

Types of Indian Sarees and Importance

In the modern world, every woman wear is a piece of fashion which are preferred based on their usage purpose whether it can be casual wears or occasional wears for festivals or some special events. However, even in this scenario, different types of clothing are likely to be worn on different events or regular usages, some of the most active types are:

1. Assam Silk Saree: - These are the most elegant looking silk woven women attire with gold embroidery and thread works which are preferred in every special event by Indian women. A classic jewelry set such as golden necklace, long earrings, and traditional footwears makes the whole attire look royal and classic. These are the most worn by the nearest relatives of bride and groom in wedding functions like receptions.

2. Banarasi Silk Saree: - Among all the finest outfits of India, Banarasi Silk Sarees are known to be the most liked outfits which almost all are fond of. They are mostly known for the incredible opulent embroidery works as well as gold and silver brocade. Intricate designs woven with shinning silk threads and engravings makes it popular bridal outfits of Hindu culture in the country.

3. Bhagalpuri Sarees: - This is the most renowned name to all the women in India. It provides utmost comfort and can be pointed out in a glance due to its attractive designs and makeover with excellent craftsmanship. It is made up of a rare piece of a product known as tusser silk that makes it the most comfortable robe ever.

4. Kanchipuram Silk Sari’s: - Kanchipuram outfits are popular all over India and mainly traditional wears. It is made in Tamil Nadu and is known for its super vibrant colors on its borders woven with gold embroidery designs and varieties of patterns in the borders.

5. Kota Sarees: - These are the regional Rajasthan robes made from cotton and are the most classic out there in the market. It has huge demand as casual wear because of its lightweight and comfortable feel. Kota can be worn in a home on a regular basis which requires minimum maintenance and needs a simple form of jewelry.

6. Leheriya Sarees: - Leheriya is an incredible piece of work with renowned dye art finishes which merges with any environment without any additional touches to it. Multi-hued designs make them a feel-good outfit for any event and extra soft clothing can be perfect for the home for regular works.

Apart from these types, there are massive collections with their own significance and preference. In festival seasons or marriage seasons, one can see all types of traditional wears in the market in huge stocks and unlimited varieties. Even online stores have some good discount offers on these robes which makes it the most worn Indian dresses forever. Moreover, some western influenced designs on the vintage collection can make them even better that are liked by teenagers in college events.

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