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Brocade Sarees

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Buy Brocade Fabric: A craft of the prophets

This ornate fabric is made from polyester, silk and cotton threads. Originally from the Kurdish word "Brocar", it means the craft of the prophet. Popularized in the Mughal period with Persian images and motifs on the fabric, this privilege was enjoyed due to Akbar's celebration and appreciation of art and artists. The brocade appears in Indian Vedic works as well.

When the form was adapted in Gujarat, it took the name "Kalabattu" which meant that the brocade had a gold plattering. Hence, even today in India these gold threads symbolize grandeur and have become a signature of Brocade in India.

Some people also believe that the name comes from the Italian Brocato, meaning ‘embossed cloth. Unlike damask, brocades are not reversible.

 The procedure

 Here are the steps followed to make a brocade- 

  • Weave it on a drawloom to control each step separately
  • Weave with the weft technique
  • The final fabric of the brocade has to resemble an embroidered texture


Brocade Color Sarees

Designer Brocade sarees come with elaborate patterns and designs that are very soothing and eye-catching. This is defined by the aesthetic fabric than specific weave per se. However, it's aesthetics plays a huge part in the industry and is still valued as a high, raised, embossed and embroidered style. Brocades are famous for their ground and pattern weaves.

 Although times have changed, earlier the draw looms were so different that a draw boy was required to create the intricate patterns.

A continuous brocade is where the threads are left loose and float on the back. These give a bohemian look and are equally desirable. A discontinuous brocade, on the other hand, is where the ends are woven only to the patterned ends resulting in a longer length and durability of the entire cloth. On the other hand, there’s multiple selection options for Indian wedding clothes from Eanything.

 Brocade Velvet is when the velvet is woven with a raised pile.

 Why buy brocade Sarees Online

With the combination is off handling the cloth and the high raised patterns along with gold and silver designs, give brocade a luxurious elegance like no other. It isn't a thing for the elite as it is worn by almost anyone these days. With such interesting and intricate patterns and royal imagery, brocade gives you a feeling of power and privilege.

These are one of the most royal and graceful traditional sarees as they have the glitter that comes with gold, the fascination with intricacies and sequins and beads to make brocade accessible to the common public. Go through our brocade saree collections and make this luxury your own today! For more options, one could check out silk sarees, printed sarees, and solid sarees.


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