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Buy beautiful and fashionable Cotton Sarees Online

Cotton Sarees have an appeal across the country as they are soft, absorbent and also breathable. For the Indian climate, it's a perfect choice given the heat and can be worn in all seasons. Check out our cotton saree collection for the newest trends worn by celebrities and actresses.

As cotton has very low elasticity, it doesn't stretch and can be sewn with fabrics like Satin, Jacquard, and Georgette. With the adaptability and availability of raw materials, it's convenient and easy to manage. With the added grace and poise, Cotton Sarees are the best way to carry yourself.

Various types and styles of cotton sarees

There are various types of cotton sarees, including Gadwal, Kota Doria, Jamdani, Venkatagiri, Sambalpuri, Vichitrapuri and Khadi.

-       The traditional Khadi sarees were popularized by our nationalist leaders as an attempt to give up on English clothes during colonization.

-       The Gadwal sarees are popular in west India and come in earthy browns, off whites and greys. These employ the use of zari work as well.

-       Kata Doria is a Rajasthani style saree and has a multi-gauge yarn.  These originally are very expensive and of rich quality and texture.

-       Jamdani sarees are from Uttar Pradesh. Jamdani sarees are usually multi-coloured and have vibrant patterns. These are also expensive, based on the intensity of production.

-       Venkatagiri sarees have tree, leaf and parrot motifs. The Sambalpuri and Vichitrapuri sarees are from Orissa and richly woven at that. It is not uncommon to see ikkat patterns and gold threads being used in these.

Easy to manage and comfortable cotton sarees

One of the most popular sarees now and Linen cotton and Net cotton. These are very easy to carry and can be used daily. With wrinkle-free forms today, the cotton sarees are even more adaptable and can be sported by people who are beginners with sarees and wear it occasionally. Other close options include cotton blend sareeschiffon sarees and chanderi silk sarees.

 With Eanythingindian fashion, you can buy various styles of cotton Sarees and wear it with Grace.


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