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Crepe Sarees

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Buy beautiful Crêpe Sarees Online and explore the stylish way of dressing

Crêpe is a versatile fabric with a crinkled texture and it's really famous for the same. As it's obtained from silk, it's similar but a lot better in many aspects. Crêpe is soft and has a sheen that gives it a sensuous appeal. Usually, cotton, rayon and chiffon are used to create Crêpe.

There are two types of crêpe, namely soft or Canton and hard or crisped crêpe. This appearance is achieved by twists in the yarn making process. These are preferred over other types by Indian and International artists. Designers usually go for crêpe as they're really easy to work around, have great potential, give an unexpected sheen and are comfortable to carry. Crêpe sarees make an impression and are usually symbolic of the elite class and give a modern vibe.

Crêpe Fabric

This is a Chinese fabric that allows a veil-like fall. Being shiny and playful, the fabric is the perfect choice for a party or other occasions. It carries an air of grandeur as well. You'd not have to iron the Crêpe  like the other sarees removing more than half of the trouble. The flowing fall also makes Crêpe  an easy to style design.

Crêpe  fabric is also used to make lehengas and other Indian dresses. Absorbent, breathable, versatile and subtle in its vibrancy, Crêpe takes credit for being the life of the party.

Crepe is known for its versatility and one can wear a printed crepe saree or choose one which has embroidery and zari work on it. The stylish mirror work, heavy pallus, beaded and sequined borders and much more can be done on crepe. Since the fabric in itself is light and breathable, the embroidery and work do not weigh the saree down. Enjoy a fancy crepe saree and wear it for any formal event.

Crêpe sareesThe modern way ahead

It is commonly seen as a "Western" attraction due to its Chinese and French use of the fabric, but Indians have used it extensively, from royal festivities to evening gatherings, it is undoubtedly the showstopper. As the soft, thin fabric outline the silhouette, it's also very enhancing and allows room to breathe. The absorbent quality also increases durability making it last longer. Other close options to crepe are georgette sareesnet sarees and more.

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