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A Total Bomb Closet Must Have - That Lace Saree

Wedding season is around the corner, and it is so difficult to find something that’s stylish, not too heavy - trendy and really really beautiful! With putting minimal effort, yet to get that Blogger look - is impossible with so many options in this time and age!

Oh no, that’s easy. Yes - A Lace Saree is the solution to all your Shaadi Problems! Sarees make a statement whenever you wear them, they make such an impact that you look not only pretty but also really confident.

Lace saree - minimizes all the effort that you were gonna put into the outfit because almost everything here is done for you! Here is your go to guide on how to style a Lace Saree for your upcoming events.

Classic Duo - A lace saree is already heavy on itself, so you don’t need a really heavy blouse with it, you just need a plain blouse but - it should have a pretty neck and a deep back, with a color that really brings out the lace saree. If you lace saree is black, you can wear almost anything with it - Neons for that blogger feel, pinks and reds for that cute bridesmaid’s look, black on black for a boss babe look! Make sure the color of the blouse to go with your lace saree goes well not only with the saree, but also your skin tone.

Makeup Sessions - lace saree is heavy, and with a plain blouse, you don’t want to go too bland, so here is when your makeup does the trick! For your eyes, but the eyeshadow as the same color of your blouse to do the trick. Add a lot of highlight for that Goddess glow - some bronzer for that Brazilian tan and a really nice shade of a nudish brown lipstick and damn! Here’s your makeup complete. Don’t forget to highlight them collarbones for the total bomb look!

Accessorising 101 - with a lace saree, you don’t want to overdo it with a lot of accessories so here is what you can do. For your hair, you can either let them loose or tie them in a bun, in any case, don’t forget to use a pretty petite gajra, which will make you look nothing less than a celebrity. For your jewelry, you can wear some pearls or diamonds in your ears or even some huge polki earrings, leave your neck bare or wear a really dainty pendant and that’s about it.

So - here is your guide to a lace saree - which isn’t only super trendy but will make you look like you’ve been styled by a professional stylist! Just make sure to add lots of mascara for them dramatic eyes, a lot of bangles or kadas, some nose rings for that sass and make sure to keep your hair neatly tied up! A Lace saree is always evergreen. It never goes out of style or season - it is perfect for almost every occasion you can think of!

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