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Lycra Sarees

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Buy Lycra Sarees Online- For a modern touch

Known for its high elasticity, Lycra fabric is a brand name for elastane and as the name suggests it is a highly elastic synthetic fabric. It has various names like spandex, Lycra and Elastane. These are majorly seen in sportswear as the fabric can stretch up to eight times its usual size. Developed by DuPont Corporation in the 1950s, it owes itself to the invention of Polyurethane invented by IG Farben in the 1930s. It acts as a base material for various plastics including Lycra. Although there are many types of Lycra fabric, Lycra is the highest quality elastane and most reliable type of the three. Since it's better than the other two, spandex and Elastane  are often branded as Lycra.


Lycra features: Heat resistant and Stretchable

Lycra fabric is a polymer meaning there are chains of monomers connected with a special type of acid. Lycra is highly resistant to heat and could easily compete with fabrics like polyester and nylon. As it was originally developed as an alternative to rubber, it's being used in insulators even today. Such an adaptable fabric has been increasingly used in sarees as well.

Lycra sarees are usually very easy to wear as they are stretchable and made available readymade for the modern woman to be able to wear it even if they don't know how to drape a saree. As spandex is known for its shape-enhancing features, most Lycra sarees are body fit sarees and highlight a woman's body shape as well. The sarees became popular due to this very feature as it was something different from the other options available in the market. This fabric was also least expected to take form as a saree and was thereby purchased initially with curiosity in the minds of Indian women. However, a body fit is also known for its comfort and support, which was familiar to the women wore. Additionally, the heat resistant quality also makes the fabric a lot more durable and promising as it would last long.


Lycra Sarees

We have the best collection of Lycra sarees that are heat resistant, will last longer and can be worn for various occasions from tea parties or evening parties or to different festivities. This type of saree is also preferred by younger groups of women who like the body fit saree over other natural sarees. Get your Lycra sarees online now! You can also check out other sarees like designer sarees, printed sarees, traditional sarees and more.

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