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Mirror Embroidered Sarees

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Mirror work or shisha work is the part of Indian design and has been for a very long time. Introduced in Iranian culture by the Mughals in the 17th century, it was inherited from Iran during the Mughal reign. However, it was used as a decorative embellishment then being used on clothing. They used mirrors extensively in their art, interior decor, jewellery, etc. It almost never occurred then to incorporate it in clothing.

It soon gained importance amongst locals in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana amongst both Hindus and Muslims and became a uniting factor for the two. The style was adopted by various states in their own ways and was even used differently in different the . Even traditional indigenous tribes incorporated it in their traditional clothing. For example, the lambada gypsy tribes in Andhra Pradesh use mirrors as a part of their traditional Banjara embroidery.

Earlier done on mica, the mirror work later required the use of tin and silver coins that were thin and easy to work with. Surprisingly, even beetle wings have been used for the purpose sometimes. This was then replaced with glass in 20th century and is used even now. The glass convex curve was attained by blowing it into large bubbles through the glass blowing technique and then broken into small pieces.

Mirror work in clothing

Any design with mirror work gains a radiance and shimmer the designs can not function without. Rajasthani and Gujarati clothing usually looks very radiant due to this mirror work giving life to the clothing. Mirrors brighten up dull monotones and make clothing more appealing and attractive. With a special cross-stitch embroidery, the mirror is enclosed with a cloth casing. This helps affixing mirrors and enhance the overall appeal of the clothes.

Initially, only circular mirrors were used, but even other geometrical shapes like square, triangle and hexagonal or polygonal shapes are used for a unique design and differentiate you even from other people wearing mirror work.

Mirror work saree

Mirror work sarees are never out of trend due to their radiance and magnificence. Mirrors are usually associated with the traditional clothing of the Northern states but are now also finding more and more audience nationally. Mirror work sarees can literally complement any material provided it's thick enough to hold the mirror. Usually, bandini is preferred for this reason.

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