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Net Sarees

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Bring out your Inner Confidence with Net Sarees

Are you planning to buy a net saree? Stylish Net sarees are quite similar to a georgette or chiffon and are embroidered with colorful threads or embedded with precious and semiprecious stonework called cutdana net sarees. These sarees are available in different colors and remain quite comfortable and easy to handle during the summer months. Each piece of these sheer delights has some specialty about it.

The History of Net

Clothing with elements of net dates back to Ancient India as well as the ancient western civilizations. The historic origin of this saree isn’t clear but archaeologists have discovered that the oldest net saree dates back to the pre-Mughal era. Can you imagine?

“Lace”, a variety of net came to India from England and was popularized during the British era when Indian women wanted to emulate the fashion styles of the British Women.

Net Sarees are a Modern Creation

The creation of border or pure net sarees net saree blouse isn’t that old. It is a much recent discovery and is hugely preferred by the youngsters these days. At times, these sarees can also be seen embroidered in sequence and stones of the same color as the saree. We have an ample number of exquisite net saree pieces available on the website for your convenience.

Top Fashion Designers Prefer Experimenting with The Net Textile

All top fashion designers experiment with net and create some of the most elegant sarees, suits and lehengas on the net fabric. These sarees, lehengas, and suits are in great demand amongst the filmstars as well as the normal people.

 The Creation of Net Fabric

While creating this delicate and dainty fabric, the yarns of thread are looped, knotted and fused only at the intersections. This fusing is what helps create open spaces between the yarns and that’s how net gets its light and shimmering appearance.

 Variety and Styles of Net

There are different kinds of net fabrics used to make sarees, lehengas, and suits. These are called.


Bobbinet is made with the help of a hexagonal mesh which makes it extremely thin and transparent and it is most of the time used in heavy bridal wear to add more fullness to the garment. Even though it is extremely thin, it is durable and can be found with stone or pearl embellishments to make the clothing look drop-dead gorgeous. These nets last for a long time.


Tulle is a bit different from the bobbinet. It is made with a lot of love and care from yarns of silk or nylon. As a result of which, this net tends to be stiffer in spite of being thin and absolutely transparent. You’ll also find many frocks for baby girls and wedding veils made out of the tulle net. 


Fishnet is called so because it is like a fisherman’s net in appearance. It is tied extremely coarsely with larger openings than the other variety of nets. These nets are most of the times used to make stockings.

Filet Net

Filet net is made with the aid of a square-shaped mesh which is why the holes formed are hexagonal, have a diaphanous look and appear quite lacy in appearance. The white lace curtains are most of the time made of filet net.

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