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Tips to achieve the runway look in your pink saree


A pink saree is something that you should have in your wardrobe as a wardrobe essential. A pink saree is like a pair of jeans that fits well, basically, a MUST HAVE! Pink sarees are so elegant and flattering that they bring out that chirpy diva in you with a subtle hint of sass. A Designer Pink saree is something that you should invest in, no matter your age and the events that surround you.

Here are some tips and tricks for you to rock that pink saree glam!

Neutral Over Pink - When you wear a bright colour like pink, even if it’s baby pink - you gotta make sure that you don’t overdo it in your outfit- details like your footwear should not be pink, your lipstick shouldn’t be any tone of pink, should be kept in mind because then it’ll make you look like a weird version of a Barbie. When wearing a pink saree, keep in mind to go for neutral colours for the rest - like if you’re wearing a pink saree for your office, wear it with nude flats, a wristwatch, oxidised earrings and a black bindi to go with it- the blouse would be white- which would subtle the whole look down. Pink is a really pretty color! So make sure that the pink you choose for a Heavy Pink Saree is a nice pastel baby pink and not a tacky dark pink, if it’s neon pink or hot pink, then it works!

That Instagrammer Sass - If you ever get your hands on a neon pink saree, do not ever let it go! Neon pink sarees with a nice fabric are really hard to find. Wear a lime yellow/neon green colored top/bodysuit/crop top - whatever you got in your closet but not a t-shirt , make sure it’s really nicely fitted and wear your neon pink saree over it- and it will make you look like that Instagrammer you’ve always wanted to look like! Just make sure to go for a really nude shade for your lips because of too many colours in the outfit, you don’t want to overdo it - wear quirky earrings - any color honestly to pop your ears up- a black bindi- a septum or a rose ring, your hair falling loose and some strands on your face, black block heels or even white sneakers and here is your Sassy Instagram Outfit, served hot!

Pastel Glow - In case you’re someone who doesn’t want to experiment that much and yet want to elevate the look, wear a really nice pastel pink saree with a blue blouse- light blue or sky blue- and tie your hair into a low messy bun with strands falling on your face, add some cheek tint for that Cheeky Glow : Wear really nice pink coloured lips, some pearls or diamonds in your ears and your neck, a pair of really comfortable yet trendy flats and you’re as gorgeous as ever! Wear a wristwatch to complete the whole look and that smile to look like an angel from heaven.

So- this was our take on the pretty Pink Saree outfits that you can glam up and doll up yourself in absolutely no time! Pink sarees are Such a steal! They’re difficult to find - since a pink that suits your skin tone is a little bit of a task, but once you do - it’s a lifesaver! So bring that pink saree out and dress like a diva for your office, college, school, or an event - or maybe even a photo shoot! What are you waiting for? What’s your pick in the Pink Saree, Indo Western or a total Ethnic look?

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