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Wedding Wear Sarees

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What Is The Importance Of Wedding Sarees?

Unlike all other countries, India is filled with exceptional cultural diversity with various religions and several regions with their own tradition coming from their ancestor's practice. One such tradition is wedding Saree that has utmost significance in the country in almost all religion. It is no wonder that Sarees are the mark of our tradition and culture that comes from one of the oldest civilization on Earth. They represent the virtues, beliefs and also the region from where the person comes from depicting the religion as well as reflecting their status in the society. They have different importance in different regions varying in colors, type, and models too.

The significance of wedding Sarees

Brides in marriages prefer the attire that is completely unique to look special in one of the most important events in their life. But apart from uniqueness, certain cultural rules are also to be followed such as wearing red color outfit. It has been said that a whole red attire including jewelry is associated with goddess Durga who symbolizes the power and valor. Not only completely red attires but also different colored outfits are preferred in all events that go on 5 days including mehndi, Sangeeth and so on. Most girls prefer salwar and Kurtis in some pre-wedding events but while marriage the sole robe will be Red in Hindu culture. Even Muslims have their own form of dress at weddings.

Types of wedding Sarees and their importance

A bride looks complete only with this traditional dress and thus different to regions have different types of their own touches to these dresses. Some of them are

1. Katki and Bomkai: - These are the popular dresses of Odisha and are renowned for their comfort and design. Both of them can be proper marriage wear with matching jewelry as well as sandals which are the country's very own tradition. Designer robes are unmatchable of this journal and look exceptionally graceful with excellent embroidery designs and prints on it. They can merge with any body structure of any color making them the center of attraction.

2. Kanjeevaram: - This is also called as the superior of all other Indian attire with an extremely royal and expensive look. These were preferred by queens on special occasions with lots of chunky ornaments like necklaces, kamarbandh, earrings etc. They are mostly designed by using the gold color threads and also have a golden border that attracts every eye towards it.

3. Pattu: - These are the most royal looking mesmerizing attire which is specially designed for special events like marriages and occasional classic parties and festivals. They are renowned all over the world and most celebrities also prefer these Sarees as their occasional wears to be unique and royal.

4. Muga: - When it comes to graceful silk robes, these stands first and is most preferred due to its most elegant and incredible look. They seems both simple as well as premium and designer models of this category are the top model of all clothing of India. It is originated in India but soon became popular all over the world.

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