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The word Zardosi literally comes from ‘Zar’ meaning gold, and ‘dosi’, meaning embroidery. The original embroidered sarees included real gold and silver and were obviously accessible and available to the upper-class women in society. Later however, due to the lack of material, price influx and to appeal to larger audiences, Zardosi was made with cheaper materials and then coated with gold, solve or other unique polish. Zardosi is common even today regardless of the availability of new and different styles of sarees. This is because it delivers luxury at a lower price and makes a good long-lasting impression.

Zardosi: Elements

There are various elements of the Zardosi embroidery, including coiled wires of various types namely Salma, Dabki, Kora and Nakshi that are used. They differ in lustre and thickness and are thereby chosen based on the price, colour, requirements in case of customized prints. Sitara, literally meaning the star is a star-shaped metal disc used for this embroidery. Badla is a flat wire that can directly be stitched to the fabric. Usually, the coiled wires themselves may help create floral or natural patterns but they're often complemented with other elements like beads, stonework, etc. The above come together to form the attractive art that a Zardosi embroidery puts together.

Zardosi Sarees

This type of saree is used to make designer wear and top-class ethnic wear that can help you stand out in the crowd. Due to the extensive zardosi work, your saree will do the talking. Seen I lehengas, cholis and even anarkalis, it suits the saree form the most. Due to peculiar features of the saree and the lehengas, even lehenga sarees have come to be known and revered. This combination captures the best of both without having to compromise on either.

However, for the classic zardosi saree look, you can't help but look through our collections to give you endless options of zardosi Sarees. Remember to pick an innovative style, fabric and unique colour.

Buying Zardosi Sarees online can be quite tiring as you may exhaust your time trying to find a good design and moreover try to evaluate the quality of this design. However, we assure that the designs are just like they're seen in the pictures and leave no room for disappointment. With such exhausting choices, be ready to find your match and be ready to be the center of attention. Other options to check out are brocade sarees, gold sarees, solid sarees and more.

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