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Zari Sarees

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Buy zari sarees and explore the traditional Indian wear

Zari Sarees are known for their royal elegance and yet a striking simplicity that other styles can't match. This plays both the roles equally well, and that's what makes it different. Zari Sarees are also in demand because of their durability and ease. If you see someone sporting a zari work saree, you may be in awe as it's a stunning impression to let on anyone. You can purchase zari Sarees based on your budget as they're of different materials and the speciality is that the zari stands out regardless of these differences.

Zari Material

Gold or Silver thread is used in traditional clothes, mainly as brocade in sarees. The fabrics woven from zari have finely designed and intricate patterns usually made from silk. The colour gold or silver is used to present a grandeur unlike any other, and it translates greatly on sarees too. The Haj Pilgrims are commonly credited originating for this style in India. Due to the lack of resources like gold or even sometimes, inability to purchase and sell zari only of gold, alternative materials are used. A copper or polyester yarn core is then wrapped in gold or silver metallic yarn. Its fine nature comes from the flattening technique done to add to its intricacies. Although we lack the resources to create zari with real gold, there's not much to mourn as the modern zari is light and promises better durability, which ensures sustainable use of a product.

Famous in Jaipur

The golden weave is commonly seen in Jaipur and Gujarat as they keep producing new styles and innovative patterns with various materials like lace, ribbons etc. One can find very graceful combinations there for reasonable prices.

However, most people can not find the right stores they're hidden in these busy markets, so it is difficult to look for these. Sometimes, it is expensive even if one spots something they like, that's why we at Eanythingindian bring you the best zari work collections online for low prices so you can show off your zari at events and festivities as you like.

While zari sarees are known for the fine craftsmanship, one can also go for beautiful silk sarees, embellished sarees and designer sarees for a fancy look. Solid and printed options are also available.

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