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Women Tshirt: Nothing Could Be a Better Option in This Scorching Summer


T-Shirt is the upper part to wear along with the jeans and capris. Not only for college goes but the offer goers love to wear has a t-shirt for the comfort had t-shirt provided. Though t-shirt is commonly worn by men and women both. And nowadays fashion has upgraded a lot, doesn't really matter if you're wearing a man's t-shirt or women tshjirts. Though the new generation of fashion has included various kinds of ladies t-shirt as well. Starting from the divas to the regular office or college goers everybody loves wearing t-shirts and this is handy so you can stay comfy all day long. There are different styles in a t-shirt, you will definitely be confused about what to choose but you should also choose according to your preference and body shape.


  • Plain collar t-shirt: If you want to wear a shirt but couldn't wear for any reason then you should go for this. This t-shirt has a collar so it gives you a whole different more like a shirt look. You can wear it for casual occasions, office party or normal office days. You can easily pair it up with normal or skinny fitted jeans. The collar of these t-shirts are usually made of thick cotton blend material and that makes the difference. And also this looks like a shirt so this is a bit different from other normal t-shirts.
  • Baseball t-shirt: This design is derived from the United States. Basketball is a very famous game there and the dress code is a plain t-shirt with a highlighted sleeve along with vertical white lines. This t-shirt is exactly the same. It has two vertical white lines on the sleeve and the sleeves are usually a bit longer than those short sleeves. Few have different sleeves colour as well that looks very unique though. This is one of the famous t-shirts for girls.
  • Boyfriend T-shirt: Especially in this scorching summer this could be the saviour for you. As the name suggests these readymade t-shirts fall loose on you as if you're wearing your boyfriend's t-shirt. The loose feeling would give you the ultimate comfort. It would absorb sweat because it is oversized. And oversized is the new trend. You can pair it up with your torned jogger or jeans, get a funky look instantly and of course stay comfy. You can even wear it to the office and any casual occasions.
  • Plain pocket t-shirt: Nowadays we have a hell lot of options for choosing women t-shirts. This t-shirt is an example of that. A simple cotton or cotton blend t-shirt but just a pocket adds a totally different look in it. The colour of the pocket is usually a bit different from the actual colour. This t-shirt is loved by young generation girls because it gives you a super stylish look. You can wear this to college or on any occasion. Wear it with jeans and you're ready to go.
  • Crop t-shirt: Many of us love wearing long dresses but can't wear on a regular basis. Well, you can wear a cropped t-shirt instead of the top on a regular basis. It will flaunt a little bit belly of yours and give you a casual yet sporty look at the same time. You can wear it with high rise jeans, it looks amazing. Crop t-shirts for girls come in various materials like cotton, Jersey and many more. If you are confident enough about your body shape you can wear it to the office and college easily.
  • Off shoulder t-shirt: This is another one of the best kind of t-shirt for women. Off the shoulder looks very pretty on most people and if you have perfect collar bone then you will slay in this. In this type, if t-shirt there's no strap on the shoulder area. It perfectly flaunts your shoulder area and looks absolutely stunning. This t-shirt you can wear to the office or college and don't forget your style statement because of the place. You must always be in style.
  • Knot crop t-shirt: This type of ladies t shirt is very popular and trendy among the young generation. The crop t-shirt is loved by many and this looks almost the same just it has a knot in the front lower part. There are two string to tie the knot. It gives you a basic look with a glimpse of style. You should never compromise with your style statement as there are so many options to choose t-shirts for women.
  • Patchwork T-Shirt: Buy t-shirt for women gives you a comfy feeling with a trendy look. The patchwork means in the front part there's one or many doodles done. If you are creative enough and want something in specific then you can take a regular t-shirt of yours and create doodle art in the front area and you're good to go! Apart from this, you will find many designs in the store as well.
  • Crew neck T-shirt: The design of this shirt is a bit similar to a boyfriend t-shirt. This is also very comfortable to wear in the ladies t-shirt category. Most of the office goers prefer this one because of its comfort. This t-shirt has a closed neck and a bit long in length so if you wear it with boyfriend jeans it will provide you with the ultimate cool look. You can literally wear this on every occasion whatever that could be an office party or casual meetings.


T shirts for women online are anytime easy to wear and can be worn in every type of occasion which is a bonus. Though you can choose what type to wear according to the occasion. Though there are a few styles that could be worn everywhere just with a piece of jeans and you're all set to go! Ladies t-shirts have made a huge upgradation in the last few years.

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