Bamboo Rice by True Elements

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        When A Giant Woody Grass Is About To Breathe Its Last, It Serves A Glorious Final Breath And Its Eternal Sigh Is The Sound Of The Jade-Coloured Rice. Bamboo Rice Is A Special Rice That Grows At The End Of Bamboo Grass'S Lifespan. It Is Not Produced Throughout The Year Like Normal Rice. True Elements Bamboo Rice Is A Unique Product In Itself. It Has A Distinctive Colour Which Can Go With A Lot Of Cuisines. Bamboo Rice Has An Aroma Of Jasmine Which Can Impart A Whole New Taste To Your Recipes. It Is Also Nutritional And Healthier Substitute For Ordinary Rice. Flavour: It Has A Strong Aroma Similar To Grass. It Has A Slight Pungency In The Smell But Tastes Sweet When Properly Cooked. It Becomes Sticky When Cooked by True Elements

        • Features:- Has a low glycaemic index. Rich source of antioxidants. Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Has anti-diabetic properties. High in protein.
        • Benefits:- Are you avoiding rice because you are diabetic? Have this Super Grains: Usually, the diabetic people are denied to consume the sweet payasam. According to certain research, diabetic people can consume this rice payasam for the unique taste and health benefits. Due to low G.I., it doesn't spike your blood sugar levels. - Searching delicious food to improve your child's health? It is perfect for you: It is a very good supplement for children since it detoxifies the body and maintains health. Also, it is very useful to be added to your child's diet. Vitamin B is essential for strengthening the body and boosting your immune system. - Not having a healthy appetite? Add it to your diet: Healthy appetite is a key to healthy living. It helps improve your appetite and can even prevent digestive disorders. Trying to improve the health of your ticker? Have this rice instead of white one: Certain components like phytonutrients in the rice are essential for dissolving harmful cholesterol. Also, potassium is a beneficial electrolyte that helps maintain blood pressure. - Wants to stay young? Have Bamboo Rice: Antioxidants combats signs of ageing and reduces wrinkles and blemishes which make you look young. Being a rich source of protein, fibre and vitamin, it aids in controlling back pain and rheumatic pain. - Feeling sluggish? This might help you: When Kapha and Pitta are imbalanced, you become sluggish and slow. It has Kapha and Pitta pacifying capabilities that aid for healthy living. It also helps in removing toxins from your body which aids in preventing weakness. It is also a rich source of complex carbs and considerably reduces the body pain, thus enhancing your vitality. Its soup is given to patients for instant recovery.
        • Direction Of Use:- This Tasty And Aromatic Variety Of Rice Can Be A Healthier Substitute For Your Normal Rice. It Can Be Used To Make Porridge, Kheer Or Any Other Rice Recipe. It Can Be Powdered To Make Dosa And Idli Or Even Sushi. It Goes Very Well With Curries And Curd And Is A Lavish Variety Of Rice To Be Served To Guests
        • Ingredients:- Bamboo Rice. No artificial colour, flavours and preservatives.
        • Remark:- Packed In A Facility That Also Handles Tree Nuts And Cereals Containing Gluten.
        • Storage Instruction:- Store In Cool And Dry Place,Keep Away From Direct Sunlight. Seal Lock Pouch After Every Use.
        • Shelf Life:- 6 M/O Of Mfrg
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