Ancient Living Thyme Essential Oil

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        In ancient Greek, flowers of the thyme plant were gifted to knights and warriors because it was believed that it brings courage to the bearer. In today's world these abilities of thyme stand true in terms of the energy boost it gives to its bearer, that is you. Its sweet, spicy aroma is carefully enclosed in a 10 ml bottle.

        It can keep your skin looking healthy and clear when massaged. Almost a century ago this herb was carried into courtrooms to ward off diseases. Today, you can ward off diseases by diffusing our thyme essential oil which is full of medicinal benefits. When used as a bath oil it's lovely, fresh smell relieves your anxiety and has the ability to get you on your feet. When used as massage oil it improves your blood circulation.


        Thyme oil

        It is extracted from the fresh or partly dried flowering tops and leaves of the thyme plant by water or steam distillation. It has fresh, green and herbal top notes and sweet and spicy undertones.

        All our ingredients are straight out of our farm or extracted from other sustainable farms. Thus, they are pure and therapeutic grade.

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        Product Name Ancient Living Thyme Essential Oil
        Size 10ml
        Style Essential Oils
        Ingredients Pure Thyme Essential Oil(Thymus vulgaris)
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