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Give your skin luster with a facial serum

A routine for the skin begins with a cleanser, then an exfoliator that deeply cleans the skin, a toner, and a moisturizer. If this is followed by a facial serum, you will be able to see significant difference in your face.

A face serum is actually a product that is enriched with all kinds of nutrients along with some natural ingredients such as aloe vera or cucumber. These also include ceramides, vitamins like K, E, C, and glycerin. These are an essential part of the face treatment process because they penetrate the layers of the skin and blocks pores. The gel formula easily gets absorbed by the skin which prevents an oily look that appears otherwise because of use of moisturizers. The concentration of active stimulating ingredients in serum is very high, and thus, it finds itself at the final step of the routine, sealing the skin cells after they have been thoroughly cleaned.

A lot of people also choose to apply the serum before the moisturizer. This is also beneficial as the moisturizer then locks the serum in the skin cells where it can create the necessary effect with its potent contents.

What are the ups of using a facial serum?

It is necessarily a nourishing ingredient. It is, therefore, a product that has to be chosen according to the specific demands of the skin and the skin issue that you are trying to battle such as acne, blackheads, whiteheads, oil, clogged pores, etc. Face serums for dry skin are very different from those meant for oily skin. The serum also increases the nourishment of the skin, revitalizes it, improves the hydration and brightens the skin. Face serum best for issues like acne usually is enriched with tea tree oil.

Are there any downfalls to using a facial serum?

Not really, no but as it is common knowledge, if the product is not chosen according to the specific need of the skin; it would only cause greater harm to it. Facial serums take some amount of time to work so you have to keep your patience. Most importantly, ensure that the serum that you choose for yourself is non-comedogenic, which means that it does not clog pores.

Serums are very different from moisturizers in terms of molecular structure, ingredients as well as purpose. One is not the replacement of the other. Serums are known best to work in the inner recesses of the skin where hydration and moisturization are of utmost importance. This is because of their extremely small molecular makeup which permits the penetration in the skin.

Facial serums for dry skin

The most effective use of facial serums can be seen in people who have dry skin. Face serum dry skin actually works as a thirst-quenching mechanism on the skin as it thoroughly and deeply hydrates it and locks the moisture inside.

Vitamin C serum is effectual in cases of dry skin but especially well for aging skin as it has collagen producing agents that fight wrinkles by tightening the skin and reduce fine lines on the surface. The skin becomes firm and elastic which makes you look young!

 It is used with various other products such as SPF, retinol, etc. to work as skincare active. The essential feature of vitamin C serum for face is its hydrating effect on the skin. The product is known to decrease the Transepidermal loss of water from the skin and retains the moisture that you provide it. The vitamin is also beneficial in brightening the skin. Derivatives of Vitamin C, when used in face serum online, have been able to treat skin conditions such as inflammation. It also evens out the complexion of the skin, minimizes redness and gives it an overall luster that keeps you glowing all day long.

Face serums are also beneficial for you if you are facing hyper pigmentation problems which may be in the form of melasma, sun spots, or age spots. The dark spots get reduced, and the skin tone becomes uniform. Another very essential feature of these products is their active work on dark circles under the eye as they help to smoothen out the lines by hydrating the area and thus making it plump and without any darkness or redness. These are also excellent choices when used with SPF as they protect against sun damage and are also known to soothe sunburns.

Face serum price generally starts at around INR 300/- and exceeds up to around INR 2000/-. There is no dearth of face serums in the market based on your personal requirements and price that you are willing to pay. Many products are nature-based which does help to enhance the quality of the skin and make it glowing. They are used alongside a lot of other products to add to their effect but using them with products that contain chemicals such as niacinamide can counteract and stint the effect of the serum itself. 

How to use it?

Most skin types are compatible to face serums, but it is wise to take a preliminary test before going for the application on the skin of the face. Apply the serum on a small section of the forearm and then leave that for the day. If you do not see any side effects such as redness, rash or hives, you can apply it on your face!