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Face Toner- The savior of your skin for that impeccable glow and radiance

Glass skin is the new trend that has taken the beauty enthusiasts by the storm, and one essential skincare product to achieve glass skin is toner. You might have seen the Korean beauties having flawless sparkling white skin and would have thought what’s the magic behind the irresistible glow on their face. If you too are intrigued to know then the right answer would be toner. Toner for dry skin not only replenishes your skin but also packs it with moisture for that glowing appearance. It also removes dust, leftover makeup, and impurities from your skin that might not have gone while doing face wash. So consider this as a must have product in your beauty shelf and see your skin turning years younger than your age.

How to choose a good toner?

The market is flooded with varieties of toner that claim to be the perfect partner for your skin. Some claim to give you moisturization benefits, few of them promise to offer you squeaky clean skin and others might even claim that they can even control oiliness and pimples on your face. Confused? You ought to be with so many different brands claiming to offer miraculous results. But worry not! Here we present to you some expert tips that you must keep in mind before choosing an ideal toner for your skin.

Choose a toner that suits your skin type

Are you someone who gets intrigued to buy a product just by looking at the attractive packaging and claims made by the product. If yes then stop being brutal towards your skin because your skin will only get treated when you buy a product considering your skin type. Rosewater is one of the best natural toner for face. There are varieties of toner available in the market for oily skin types, dry skin, and combination skin people. People who have oily skin shouldn’t choose a moisturizer that contains any form of oil. Instead, they can look out for a mild toner that has astringent based properties also. The dry sin beauties, on the other hand, should always look for moisturizing toners that can help them retain the youthfulness on their skin. There are few toners that also give good results for acne prone skin. These toners especially contain ingredients such as tea tree oil, clove oil, etc. Toners for men are also available online for enhancing the radiance of your skin.

Stay away from toners that contain alcohol

There are few brands that use alcohol in their toner in order to give fast results to the people who’re facing the problem of acne or have oily skin. But to be very honest, these toners are not less than a death threat for your skin as they completely suck away the moisture from your skin and make your skin look lifeless and dry. It’s therefore important that whenever you buy a toner always look for the ingredients that have been used in its preparation. If you find alcohol as an ingredient in your toner, then never buy your product in the lure of getting fast results because, in the long run, your skin will be completely ruined.

Choose natural toner that contains aloe vera, rose and other soothing ingredients

There are a few ingredients that are beneficial for all skin types when it comes to choosing an ideal toner. Few of these ingredients are rose, chamomile extract, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera. All these are soothing ingredients that offer relief to your stressed skin. They also help in maintaining the pH level of your skin and calm down your irritated skin up to the deepest layers. So always look out for these ingredients in your toners online to offer your skin the care and wellness that it deserves.

Benefits of using a toner on a regular basis

A toner is the perfect skin product to achieve a healthy and glowing complexion. It moisturizes your skin and helps in combating breakouts caused by clogging of your pores or excessive sweating. Toners for oily skin help in restoring the balance of your skin and clears away the pore-clogging impurities. Here are a few reasons why a toner should be the perfect addition to your skincare regimen.

Restores the pH level of your skin

The barrier of the skin, which is also known as acid mantle, plays an important role in keeping your skin moisturized and blocking out bacteria and germs. A toner helps your skin is operating at peak performance to fight away with various skin disorders. Your skin remains naturally acidic with a pH level of 4.5-5.5. When the pH level of your skin goes beyond 6.5, your skin’s defense line gets compromised and becomes prone to infections and bacteria. Therefore it’s important to maintain the pH level of your skin by using an effective toner having skin-nourishing properties. 

It adds an extra layer of protection

Toners help in tightening your pores and reduces impurities from penetrating into your skin. It also protects and removes minerals and chlorine present in the water. So if you want to protect your skin from the impurities and other toxins, then a toner should be a go to product. You can buy many toners online that can add an extra layer of protection to your skin and can help you maintain that clear and youthful look.

Refreshes your skin instantly

There are many toners for face that instantly freshen up your dull skin and give you a picture-perfect glow. So whenever you feel that your skin has become dirty or dull instead of washing your face you can just swipe your face with your favorite toner.