Seer Secrets Bee Pollen & Orange Pulp Strength Treatment Hair Cleanser

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        Achieve Flawless Looking Hair And Regain Your Hair'S Strength With Our Bee Pollen & Orange Pulp Strength Treatment Hair Cleanser. This Rich & Creamy Shampoo Is Packed With Hair Strengthening Nutrients That Nourish Damages Hair & Repair Them From The Roots. Bee Pollen Is The Food Of The Young Bee And It Is Approximately 40% Protein. About Half Of Its Protein Is In The Form Of Free Amino Acids That Are Ready To Be Used Directly By The Body. One Of The Main Components Of Bee Pollen That Can Help With Better Hair Growth Is Something Called L-Cysteine. L-Cysteine Is An Amino Acid That Contains Sulfur And It Is A Very Important Amino Acid For Proper Hair Growth. It Actually Bonds Together With Other Proteins In The Body To Form The Shaft Of The Hair And These Bonds Make It Extremely Important When It Comes To Hair Growth. When You Use Our Bee Pollen Hair Cleanser, You'Ll Actually Find An Increase In The Hair Shaft'S Diameter, Providing You With Fuller And Healthier Hair. For Those Dealing With Hair Loss, This Hair Cleanser Is Very Important, Since It Can Make Thin Hair Look Fuller. It Also Can Help To Prevent Problems With Hair After Applying Hair Colour. Hair Will Be Less Likely To Break And Fall Off When You Strengthen The Shaft With The L-Cysteine In Bee Pollen. Flax Seeds Are A Rich Source Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These Fatty Acids Are Essential For Healthy Hair Growth. They Nourish The Follicles And Hair Shafts, Making Them Stronger And Less Prone To Damage By Seer Secrets.

        • Key Ingredients:- Orange Pulp, Bee Pollen Extract, Orange Oil, Shikakai Extract, Anantmool Extract, Fenugreek Seed Extract, Coconut & Corn Derived Surfactant, Amla Brine, Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Phenoxyethenol
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        Product Name Seer Secrets Bee Pollen & Orange Pulp Strength Treatment Hair Cleanser
        Size 200ml
        Style Cleanser
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