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  1. Designer Sarees – 6 Yards Of Feminine Mystique

    As a timeless apparel a dress and a garment, the saree weaves an unquestionable mystique. Worn by the 21st century women of India as of those in the ancient times, the saree indeed defines the 6 yards of fabric that effort lessly weaves amystical allure and mysterious gracefulness for the wearer. As it only partly reveals the silhouette and it fires up the imagination and is even today the all-time favourite amongst traditionalwomen’s attires in India. Even with closet full of western wear, every woman covets an exquisite designer Saree wardrobe. The women in you, revels in the bedazzling eye catching contemporary chic in perfect harmony with the traditional in your designer Saree collection

    Designer Sarees today reign in every woman’s heart as the most favourite wear due to its ease, convenience, stylenot only in form but in designs too. Worn as a single garment and a wrap around, it’s an ensemble that most women covet as a gorgeous ethnic attire. A

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  2. Flaunt the Latest Design Sarees | Wedding Sarees

    The sari wraps Indian women in a million different hues, designs, patterns and hues and is the signature dress that makes an Indian woman stand out. Amongst the most magnificent creations that leave a bespoke impression are the Designer Sarees. Carrying the exclusive signatures of top designers and fashion houses, these create an inimitable aura for you that remain etched in the onlookers’ minds. Apart from adapting the latest trends, the latest designer sarees act as an inspiration for the wearer and are widely admired. Owning a designer wedding sari is the dream of most Indian women and signify the quintessential ethnic fashion and the finest way to become the cynosure of every eye! Today, the range of Latest collection of online Designer& wedding Indian Sarees collection is mind boggling and enable you to ace every occasion with designs that range from ornate and traditional to subtle and contemporary. There’s an Indian Saree Designs & Designer Saree for every age and fas

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  3. Five Essential Tips Every Female Entrepreneur Must Execute For A Successful Retail Business

    Entrepreneurship is initiating a business idea to reap benefits and avoiding losses in progress. With so many start-up ideas creating a buzz on the internet, Entrepreneurship has become a trend in the modern era. It is also one such genre where women have experienced immense success and popularity, as well. 

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  4. [EXCLUSIVE] From Grit to Glory, The Journey of eAnythingIndian’s Co-founder Meeta Dandona

    Delhi-based Meeta Dandona is the founder of pan-India online shopping portal This portal is launched with the motto “Be Indian. Buy Indian.”

    Meeta Dandona is a role model for all women who want to keep their dreams alive

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  5. eAnythingIndian #AnythingForYou Contest : Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions:

    This contest is being organized by eAnythingIndian (hereafter called “Organizer”). By entering the contest, participants acknowledge that they have read & understood, and unconditionally agree to comply-with and abide by the terms & conditions.

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  6. The Shy Girl Turned Diva Next Door

    Like technology if anything is getting updated with the whoop of a second then that is fashion. Similarly, women empowerment has winged the ladies to fly and touch the stars. No longer are they confined to societal norms and restrictions.

    Fashion has been the booster for women to enhance their self confidence. And to come out of their closet, the fashion and clothing industry has changed the way the world used to see a woman. As a fact, clothes aren’t changing the world; it is the woman who is wearing it and changing the scenario.

    These days’ women are being very concerned about their sizes and how they look. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. She doesn’t need to fit in the shoes of someone else’s size. Breaking barriers is the very own way to find oneself in this very society. Being unique is itself unique, so dress for yourself which you can carry out confidently and don’t dress for others.

    Comfortable Trends to Follow:

    Always dress som

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  7. AI and Ayurveda are Now Going Hand in Hand

    Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old system, finds its roots in the Vedic Indian culture. Despite its endless advantages,the holistic healing system that only uses natural methods of treatment had been losing its value during the time of foreign trade. Thankfully,the art of healing the soulwas revived and how. Not only did it find its lost value in its native land, but it also gained popularity across the globe. In fact, the Ayurveda sector is predicted to see a compound annual growth of 16% till 2025.

    The services as well as the products offered by Ayurveda products online are gaining a lot of acceptance in all verticals. In the beauty and ayurveda domain, the makers of Ayurvedic products are now putting the advantages of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to create and deliver the best end products to the customers. In fact, with technology has enabled the ease of creating beauty products that are more personalized.

    So, how is artificial

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  8. Lookout for These Ingredients in Your Beauty Products to Get the Best Results

    With the supermarket shelves being flooded with beauty and skincare products, it can get really overwhelming to pick the right option. In addition to this, the bigwigs of the beauty industry fight tooth and nail to lure the customer with their impeccable advertisements. But, amidst the entire clamor, it is necessary to remember that the only thing important is your skin. Neither the opulent packaging of the product nor the celebrity face behind it will give you the skin that you desire. In the end, it is just the ingredients in the product that will give you soft, young, and lustrous skin.

    So, here are some ingredients that you must lookout for before picking the right ayurvedic beauty products for your skin regime.

    Hyaluronic Acid

    The hyaluronic acid is responsible for keeping the skin hydrated. When you use products that have hyaluronic acid, you are helping your skin to stay moisturized by locking in the hydration. In fact, products with good

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  9. Here Are The Ways In Which Artificial Intelligence Has Revolutionized E Commerce

    E-shopping has taken over the market all over the globe. It saves time and more often than not, it saves money. Hence, the customers are now choosing to click their mouse button over going to the mall. as per reports, it is estimated that 1.92 billion buyers across the globe will indulge in some or the other ecommerce activities by 2019. And, this number is expected to scale up to over 2 billion by 2021.Consequently, the skyrocketing demand for online shopping portals has made businesses go online and expand their horizons in the world of Internet.

    Businesses have been fighting tooth and nail in the online market to grab more and more eyeballs. Starting from email messaging to visual and voice search, the Internet marketers are leaving no stone unturned to make a niche for them in the world of online shopping. Interestingly, most of the tools which have been used by businesses to enhance their visibility on the Internet have been powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and a

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  10. Comfortable and Cosy Fashionable Nightwear For Beautiful Ladies

    Women are very particular and choosey when it comes to fashion. Fashion is something that makes the person come out of the closet and reveal their real identity. It showcases every individual’s personality and character.

    In today’s era fashion can be blended with every possible aspect starting from western attires to ethnic ones to even night wears. Yes! The trending fashion on nightwear has shown a tremendous growth over the years.

    A quick overview

    The fashion industries are designing the most contended looks of nightwear for women. It has now become a multi-faceted million dollar industry as women can compromise with seasonal change but cannot compromise with the nightwear for that sound sleep they expect after a tiring and hectic day.

    Women are delighted with the different varieties of cosy and comfortable night dresses designed keeping in mind for every size and shape.

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