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Monthly Archives: October 2018

  1. Skin Care- Beauty Lies Beneath Your Healthy Skin

    Beauty is all about the healthy skin. Beauty outshines when you have the healthy, spotless and radiant skin. Cleaning, toning, and moistening the skin, are the regular rituals that pay off with stunning and beautiful skin. In ancient times, Greeks, Romans, and Indians used a bountiful of herbs for comeliness.
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  2. Terracotta Jewellery - The beautiful art of clay!

    How beautifully the above stanzas of an anonymous poem describe the charm of the clay that can be carved into any shape and design and turn them into the delicate yet sturdy and gorgeous pieces of elegant jewellery. If you are thinking, what the clay has to do with the jewellery? Then you might not be aware of the age old art of Terracotta jewellery.
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  3. Heels: The Symbolic Women Footwear Originally Belongs To Men

    Can you imagine that the high heels women wear today which immediately elongate their legs and changes their gait and give them the glamour and confidence, were actually worn by men in the early 10th century and the trend originally belonged to them?
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