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  1. 8 Drinks To Keep You Cool And Hydrated This Summer

    India is a tropical country and experiences the extremes of climate. Be it the killing summers or the chilling winters, the climatic conditions are severe. One has to gear up for it at all the times. Not only keeping oneself properly dressed and clothed is of help but keeping one’s inner self healthy is equally important. How can one do this? Ensuring that your diet is rich in all multi-vitamins and minerals can be of help.

    Summer is the season not many of us eagerly wait for. The sun shines bright and the temperatures rise to an extremely high degree. There is itching, sweat, rashes and redness that neither of us really appreciate. But with the fear of developing all these skin problems, one cannot sit at home. Then what to do and how to beat the heat in the scorching summers? Well, there is nothing to worry about as we are here to help you with this. 

    Here are 8 summer drinks that you can consume to keep yourself cool and hydrated. These are not only great energy b

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    India is the country of colors having people of almost all religions speaking many languages and several festivals. It is probably the one and only country which celebrates different types of festivals in almost all months of the calendar. Moreover, traditions and cultures which were practiced by ancestors are still alive in India in every region of the country. One such tradition is fasting during Navratri and almost all Hindu peoples follow these rituals with utmost importance and significance. Navratri basically means nine nights and this occurs two times a year, one at the beginning of summer and other at the beginning of winter. You can find many stories in Hindu scriptures related to it such as Puranas and epics like Ramayana.

    Reason to celebrate Navratri twice a year

    Besides the stories which are mentioned in ancient scriptures of Hindu religion, there are many reasons to celebrate every festival at certain times of a year and the same follows to Navrat

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  3. Principles for hot weather

    Of all the seasons, summer feels quite irritable due to the hot and sweaty weather that ruins your look completely. Besides health maintenance such as drinking much water, having fruits and avoiding junk foods, dressing also plays a major role in irresistible humid climate. It becomes even more essential if you are going for an interview or a special event such as marriage or gathering parties. Therefore one should have a clear cut planning and idea about the attire that should be worn in the summer season to reduce inconvenience and also look good at the same time.  Here are some principles that classy people should follow to maintain their prestige and image with their dress and looks that reflect their status.

    Avoid over aesthetics: - Use of sunscreen lotion is enough for the protection of tanning but the use of more chemicals on your skin can cause adverse effects on summer. Due to extreme heat, those aesthetics

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