1. The Shy Girl Turned Diva Next Door

    Like technology if anything is getting updated with the whoop of a second then that is fashion. Similarly, women empowerment has winged the ladies to fly and touch the stars. No longer are they confined to societal norms and restrictions.

    Fashion has been the booster for women to enhance their self confidence. And to come out of their closet, the fashion and clothing industry has changed the way the world used to see a woman. As a fact, clothes aren’t changing the world; it is the woman who is wearing it and changing the scenario.

    These days’ women are being very concerned about their sizes and how they look. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. She doesn’t need to fit in the shoes of someone else’s size. Breaking barriers is the very own way to find oneself in this very society. Being unique is itself unique, so dress for yourself which you can carry out confidently and don’t dress for others.

    Comfortable Trends to Follow:

    Always dress som

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  2. Comfortable and Cosy Fashionable Nightwear For Beautiful Ladies

    Women are very particular and choosey when it comes to fashion. Fashion is something that makes the person come out of the closet and reveal their real identity. It showcases every individual’s personality and character.

    In today’s era fashion can be blended with every possible aspect starting from western attires to ethnic ones to even night wears. Yes! The trending fashion on nightwear has shown a tremendous growth over the years.

    A quick overview

    The fashion industries are designing the most contended looks of nightwear for women. It has now become a multi-faceted million dollar industry as women can compromise with seasonal change but cannot compromise with the nightwear for that sound sleep they expect after a tiring and hectic day.

    Women are delighted with the different varieties of cosy and comfortable night dresses designed keeping in mind for every size and shape.

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  3. Living Color: Why and How to Use the Color of Year in Your Wardrobe

    After successfully reigning over the fashion industry for one year, the rule of ultra-violet has come to an end. And, with that, the throne has now been handed over to Living Coral, which became the Pantone color of the year 2019 in December.

    Soon after getting comfortable with its newly found dominance in the fashion world, Living Coral found its place in various fashion events. Bigwigs of the fashion industry have used Living Coral for their Spring/Summer collection for 2019. To name a few, Prada, Altuzarra and Brandon Maxwellare the biggies of the fashion world who have incorporated Living Coral in their latest collection. To add to its popularity, many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, and Amy Adams have been seen donning Living Coral at several occasions.

    How is Pantone Color of the Year Chose

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  4. Summers Are Here! Are You Ready?

    Discussing summer vacation plan with friends and wondering what outfits to choose according to the weather? Everyone should admit that they give more time to curate the contents of the travel bags than deciding on the final vacation destination.

    Some brings the entire closet with them. We have narrowed our focus down to the outfits that are essential for travelling during the harsh weather. This is undoubtedly the tried and true ticket to create the most glamorous combination of outfits. Let’s help you out and give some solutions for summer dresses. Pack your bags and you are good to go! Presenting some summer ready looks and styles:

    The Airport To Dinner Pants

    The modern woman is generally inclined towards throwing at least a pair of denims into the suitcase or trousers which are cropped; are crucial and also versatile. The denim or the trouser look is very comfortable to be worn at the airport and is c

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  5. The Workwear Outfits You Must Have, For Beyond The Workplace

    ­­The Workwear Outfits You Must Have, For Beyond The Workplace

    It does not matter whether your workplace demands a specific dress code, always be prudent while picking a work wear outfit. Resort to aesthetically appealing clothes that arouses curiosity. Now we shall discuss some of the readymade work wear dresses for women which one should possess outside the range of workplace.

    1.       Waist cinching and ruffles:-

    You may consider switching over to waist cinching along with ruffles since it is a typical color pairing that has a trendy silhouette. It works perfectly at the workplace.

    2. Embellish Dresses with ruche:-

    Ruche is regarded as a major advancement in the field of fashion. So do not hesitate to include Ruche in pair of ladies dress. Cool blue li

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  6. Best Saree Design And Material For Summers

    Summers and style doesn’t go hand in hand. The season wreaks havocon one’s style statement, and when the mercury rises, it is time to stock one’s closet with some light, airy and breathable sarees which are super stylish and also comfortable.

    Soothing Fabrics are a Savior

    Fabrics play a great role when it comes to summers and Sarees. Let’s know how:

    1. ChanderiThis Fabricis the apt amongst all the fabrics preferred during the hot summers. A chanderisaree is the perfect choice for sultry weathers. In a calming shade of beige, a fashionable piece of saree made with the chanderi fabric is perfect for formal and informal occasions. The wearer can completethe entire look with red colored bindi, a chic hairdo and pair of earrings and she is good to go and
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  7. Find The Perfect Kurta / Kurti With Ease By Sitting At Home In The Online Market

    Shopping is bliss and for a lot of people, shopping is just like their stress busters. And what will be better to burst your stress or to find something perfect for every occasion by being at the comfort of your place? Well, it's the right of every female to find out the perfect kurta kurti for every occasion from the splendid collection of the kurta kurti online.


    The Perfect Choice For Any Occasion

    The collection of ladies kurta Kurtaavailable on the online stores is in abundance making it very difficult to choose one. The kurtis online here are very eye-catchy and not only they are beautiful but comfortable too. You can simply visit the website for purchasing the kurtis online

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  8. Principles for hot weather

    Of all the seasons, summer feels quite irritable due to the hot and sweaty weather that ruins your look completely. Besides health maintenance such as drinking much water, having fruits and avoiding junk foods, dressing also plays a major role in irresistible humid climate. It becomes even more essential if you are going for an interview or a special event such as marriage or gathering parties. Therefore one should have a clear cut planning and idea about the attire that should be worn in the summer season to reduce inconvenience and also look good at the same time.  Here are some principles that classy people should follow to maintain their prestige and image with their dress and looks that reflect their status.

    Avoid over aesthetics: - Use of sunscreen lotion is enough for the protection of tanning but the use of more chemicals on your skin can cause adverse effects on summer. Due to extreme heat, those aesthetics

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  9. Why Online Shopping is being Popular?

    Online shopping has become a convenient way of shopping. Online shopping sites for clothes are one of the most visited e-commerce websites. Many of us prefer to run our fingers on the screens of our phones instead of walking to the shopping malls or shops for shopping.
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  10. Trends Shaping The Indian Apparel Industry: Expectations vs. Reality

    Indian Apparel Industry is blooming constantly and Online shopping market has contributed the most in achieving this goal. The trends in Indian Apparel Industry is bringing a huge change in the lifestyle of people living in India.
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