1. AI and Ayurveda are Now Going Hand in Hand

    Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old system, finds its roots in the Vedic Indian culture. Despite its endless advantages,the holistic healing system that only uses natural methods of treatment had been losing its value during the time of foreign trade. Thankfully,the art of healing the soulwas revived and how. Not only did it find its lost value in its native land, but it also gained popularity across the globe. In fact, the Ayurveda sector is predicted to see a compound annual growth of 16% till 2025.

    The services as well as the products offered by Ayurveda products online are gaining a lot of acceptance in all verticals. In the beauty and ayurveda domain, the makers of Ayurvedic products are now putting the advantages of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to create and deliver the best end products to the customers. In fact, with technology has enabled the ease of creating beauty products that are more personalized.

    So, how is artificial

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  2. Lookout for These Ingredients in Your Beauty Products to Get the Best Results

    With the supermarket shelves being flooded with beauty and skincare products, it can get really overwhelming to pick the right option. In addition to this, the bigwigs of the beauty industry fight tooth and nail to lure the customer with their impeccable advertisements. But, amidst the entire clamor, it is necessary to remember that the only thing important is your skin. Neither the opulent packaging of the product nor the celebrity face behind it will give you the skin that you desire. In the end, it is just the ingredients in the product that will give you soft, young, and lustrous skin.

    So, here are some ingredients that you must lookout for before picking the right ayurvedic beauty products for your skin regime.

    Hyaluronic Acid

    The hyaluronic acid is responsible for keeping the skin hydrated. When you use products that have hyaluronic acid, you are helping your skin to stay moisturized by locking in the hydration. In fact, products with good

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  3. Protect Your Skin With Homemade Face Packs In Summer

    The summer is in, and your skin needs much more than the layer of the sunscreen to revive its glow in the scorching heat. Tanning, pigmentation and acne are a few common problems that you can experience during summers but do you know the solution to treat your skin in the best way possible. A face pack can work wonders for your skin by reviving its glow and brightness. Numerous face packs claim to pertain to sweep off your skin problems from the root. But these face masks might come with ingredients that your skin might not tackle so it’s best to stick to homemade sunscreens that you can make easily with the items in your kitchen.

    The best thing about them is that you know what ingredients are going inside it and what benefits it will add to your skin. So what are you waiting from remove dirt and impurities from the innermost layer of your skin with these homemade face masks that come with long term benefit for your skin? They might not have a longer shelf life, but their be

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  4. How To Protect Your Skin In The Summer Season?

    summer season is quite annoying for skin and thus proper remedies and precautions should be practiced by everyone. Some basic natural remedies are enough for protection from sun rays.


    Although summer can be fun in beaches and swimming pools, it is not the best time for skin. Overexposure to sunlight can cause dreadful effects to the skin that takes a longer time to recover. Most of these effects are permanent and can’t be cleared even after using effective antibiotics and skin lotions. The increase of salt content over the skin can also cause some side effect to the skin such as loss of moisture and reduction in the glow. Maintaining the soft and supple face tone is quite a difficult task if you are in a work that requires longer exposure to sunlight.


    How exposure to sunlight affects the skin?


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  5. Ayurveda Secrets That Can Dramatically Improve Your Health

    Ayurveda is an ancient way to heal the body. We have many forms of medicines, but not all of them are as ancient as Ayurveda is. It is believed that Ayurveda is being used for the healing purpose from 3,000 years.
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