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  1. Reasons To Start Drinking Green Tea

    Green tea is heralded as one of the healthiest and authentic beverages across the planet. It is a mixture of nutrients and anti-oxidants that has a positive impact on our body. Some of the astonishing benefits of consuming Green tea include loss of fat, enhanced brain functionalities and minimum risk of cancer development. This beverage which is indigenous to countries like India and China was praised for its amazing health benefits.

    History of Camellia Sinensis

    Apart from water, beverages like tea are consumed by people on a regular basis worldwide. However, majority of the tea taken by people across the planet is black and remaining is green. Leaves and leaf buds of Camellia Sinensis are commonly used to manufacture wide varieties of tea like yellow tea, gree­­­n tea, black tea and white tea. The term 'Camellia' is derived from the Latin name of a prominent pharmacist Rev. Georg Kamel.

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  2. Grab Some Healthy Bites To Avoid Weight Gain

    Good food can always uplift your mood. Grab some healthy bites that do no harm to your health but are rather full of nutrients.

    Our lifestyle has taken such a leap that it has become difficult to long a healthy lifestyle. Also, we see people struggling to cope up with a healthy lifestyle because it gets boring with time and people tend to binge eat ruining everything. Also, people have a mindset that snacks are always unhealthy and healthy can never be tasty. However, snacks can also be healthy and healthy can also be tasty. This is a fact that snacking on junk has never been beneficial to anyone. So, what can be the best choice and how to stop eating junk? To your surprise, you can grab some healthy bites that don’t make you fall in the pit of obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. There can be several ways of snacking healthy without disappointing your health as well as taste.

    Generally, people stay fit before a 9 to 5 job but when they join a job, a big

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  3. 8 Drinks To Keep You Cool And Hydrated This Summer

    India is a tropical country and experiences the extremes of climate. Be it the killing summers or the chilling winters, the climatic conditions are severe. One has to gear up for it at all the times. Not only keeping oneself properly dressed and clothed is of help but keeping one’s inner self healthy is equally important. How can one do this? Ensuring that your diet is rich in all multi-vitamins and minerals can be of help.

    Summer is the season not many of us eagerly wait for. The sun shines bright and the temperatures rise to an extremely high degree. There is itching, sweat, rashes and redness that neither of us really appreciate. But with the fear of developing all these skin problems, one cannot sit at home. Then what to do and how to beat the heat in the scorching summers? Well, there is nothing to worry about as we are here to help you with this. 

    Here are 8 summer drinks that you can consume to keep yourself cool and hydrated. These are not only great energy b

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