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  1. What Role Does A Good Pair Of Shoe For Men Play

    There are certain things that can be treated as trivial but shoes for men are the new talk of the town. Buy yourself that classy pair and see what difference it can bring to your personality.

    Footwears are the ones that form the basis of the personality. Even if we talk about history, the shoes have been a significant part to represent the status and have been known to represent wealth. Even if we talk about Egyptian civilization, slaves used to go barefoot and the common people used to wear sandals. At that point of time, the point wasn’t if the shoes were comfortable, but that they had shoes in that time of the civilization as well and it is used to represent a respectable class.

    Imagine yourself being dressed up but the shoes that you are wearing looking really sad and this can deteriorate the whole look. This shows how important shoes are in the style of every gentleman. There are many people who look for shoes

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  2. Purchase Colorful Juttis And Mojaris For All Occasions From eAnythingIndian

    Jutti stands for the ‘shoe’in Urdu. It is a shoe, which has a closed upper part attached at the top. The people of North India mostly wear them. These days they are loved and worn, around the whole country on weddings, parties, get-togethers, and all religious festivals. Its origin dates back when the Mughal Empire was still active.

    The kings and queens of the richest era of Indian history wore this shoe, and it was popular at that time. The style and design of these shoes had beautiful and shiny jewels and colorful stones embedded on them, followed by a unique texture.

    We, at eAnythingIndian, have beautifully and uniquely designed our juttis online. Here, you can browse through a diverse range of these shoes and get to purchase, which suits your personal taste. Our desi

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  3. Heels: The Symbolic Women Footwear Originally Belongs To Men

    Can you imagine that the high heels women wear today which immediately elongate their legs and changes their gait and give them the glamour and confidence, were actually worn by men in the early 10th century and the trend originally belonged to them?
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