8 Drinks To Keep You Cool And Hydrated This Summer

India is a tropical country and experiences the extremes of climate. Be it the killing summers or the chilling winters, the climatic conditions are severe. One has to gear up for it at all the times. Not only keeping oneself properly dressed and clothed is of help but keeping one’s inner self healthy is equally important. How can one do this? Ensuring that your diet is rich in all multi-vitamins and minerals can be of help.

Summer is the season not many of us eagerly wait for. The sun shines bright and the temperatures rise to an extremely high degree. There is itching, sweat, rashes and redness that neither of us really appreciate. But with the fear of developing all these skin problems, one cannot sit at home. Then what to do and how to beat the heat in the scorching summers? Well, there is nothing to worry about as we are here to help you with this. 

Here are 8 summer drinks that you can consume to keep yourself cool and hydrated. These are not only great energy boosters but also help you out with the skin and health benefits. Then what you waiting for? Indulge in these amazing and cool drinks and beat the heat and the sun.

1.Coconut Water 

What else can be better than the very refreshing natural coconut water to flow in your palette? Coconut water is a rich antioxidant that keeps you cool. It is a naturally available drink and thus is totally preservative free. It is very low on calories and high in electrolytes-magnesium, potassium and sodium.
 Consumption: This crystal water can be consumed directly and its fruit can also be eaten. Two glasses of this water per day is all you need to bid adieu to the summer heat.
Health Benefits: It provides a clear and healthy skin, boosts the immunity and to some extent can help you with low blood pressure issues.

2. Fruit Juices

The next best natural coolant is the fruit juices. Juice from the fresh fruits are not only healthy but also provide with essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Moreover, the juices from the seasonal fruits are even better. One can opt for orange, melons, grapes or any other citrus fruit in form of the juices.
Consumption: A glass of fresh juice is often recommended to be consumed in the morning. However, one can even go for the same in the evening.
Health Benefits: The antioxidants fight the free radicals in the body, they keep your body temperature stable and prevents sun burns and dizziness.

3. Vegetable Juices

After fruits the very next thing one can go for is the vegetable juice. Seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, lemons, mint, carrots, gourds and beetroot can be great energy boosters. Drink them cool with some addition of salt and sugar (if needed) and you are good to go in the sun.
Consumption: Usually vegetable juices are consumed twice a day. However, one can consume these as per their convinience.
Health Benefits: Seasonal vegetables act as natural coolers and keep you skin hydrated ensuring a radiant looking skin. Other than this they even help in regulating the blood supply.

4. Iced Tea

The next very popular craze amongst the generations these days is the iced tea. A simple mixture of water with a few ice cubes and tea leaves is all that you need this summer.
Consumption: There is no strict recommendation for this. It is wholly on you how much you drink it. Modifications: You can modify this drink as per your taste buds by adding sugar, dash of honey, lemon slices, mint leaves or even orange slices.

 5. Lemonade- Frozen Or Chilled

Lemonade something we all have been consuming since our childhood and school days. This is one of the simplest recipes and the most convenient one to make. A glass of water and a lemon and your drink is ready.

 Consumption: With lemonade one can make a few variations. It can be prepared with chilled water or one can even froze it and consume as a smoothie or ice shake.

 Health Benefits: With a glass of water enjoy the benefits of lemon. An anti-oxidant, citrus fruit and an amazing hydrating agent.



6. Yoghurt At Rescue

Yet another amazing and naturally available ingredient you need to incorporate in your diet is the yoghurt. This is a base food product which can be used in many forms. Its character and taste falls as cold on the palette and thus is best for the summers.

Consumption: It can be consumed in form of flavored yoghurts, lassi, shakes, or buttermilk. It is one of the best readymade solution to combat severe dehydration.

Health Benefits: It is a good source of protein and is rich in vitamin B12 which is responsible for the immune functioning.

7. Cucumber Water

Another energy drink for the summers is the cucumber water. Cucumber itself is a good component in diet to fight the heat. Not only is it nutritional properties beneficial but other usage too is good to beat the summers

Consumption: One can add a few slices of cucumber in a jar of water and keep it overnight. Consuming this water the next day will help you fight high temperatures and can also serve the purpose of weight loss.

Health Benefits: Refreshes the skin and has anti-aging properties..


8. Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon is nearly 90% water and nothing can help fight summers other than this. It is a simple and easy all-in-one drink that can boost energy in an instant.
 Consumption: Can be consumed in form of juice, smoothies, frozen fruit. One glass provides sufficient calories and cools you down.
 Health Benefits: Nutrient dense fruit which provides the benefits of Vitamin A. It also is good for your eye health.