A Designer Gown: The Most Curvaceous Dress On The Planet

A flowy and fancy fabric hits our mind like a gust of sweet wind when we think of a modern designer gown that young ladies mostly wear to display their sassiness on a frame. A gown has indeed traveled a large way from a bulky and clumsy garb to a bold and beautiful dress that we see today. A gown has its own innovative story to tell.

History of the Gown

If India has a nine-yard saree to describe feminine forms, women in European countries have the gorgeous dress to celebrate their curves.  A dress is an evolved form of basic the medieval toe –length garb used by men and women with layers of contrasting linings and ruff collars in the period of Middle Ages. Nevertheless, the ornamentations were different for men and women. Women would adorn this garb consisting of a long gown, usually with sleeves, worn over under gown, with a linen chemise or a smock. Getting dressed in the era was the errands to run for women. The traditional dress was not like an easy plunging into the gown that most of the women wear at the present time. Dressing and styling of upper and middle-class women would take whole of hours and it was a time-consuming job in the 18th century. 

Victorian Fashion-Era

The United Kingdom saw a drastic influential change under Queen Victoria's rule in the 18th century that included cultural advancement and development. The era experienced a fashion revolution and many women fashion ensembles were born in this era. The influence was such that this period was marked as a Victorian era. The influential Victorian era of fashion still has a prominence in the fashion industry in European and other western countries.

Symbol of prestige

In early centuries, clothes were considered to be an expression of a person's rank in the society and were, therefore, separated in terms of social class. Women from the high society often wore a laced tight corset over a bodice, and paired them with a skirt adorned with abundant embroideries and trims; over layers of undercoats. Wearing clothes with heavy embroidery and lavish fabrics was a symbol of wealth in the period. Middle-class working women exhibited similar dress styles; however, with a less amount of decorations in order to avoid heaviness in their dresses. Working class women dodged the stiff corsets and other tight fancy garments to keep themselves comfortable throughout the day.

Designer Gown

Influential change

Victorian fashion consisted of various fashions and trends in English culture that came up and developed in the United Kingdom throughout the Victorian era, approximately in the mid of the 1800s through the first decade of the 1900s. This period experienced many changes in clothing fashion, including changes in styles, fashion technology and the types of trading. Architecture, literature, fine arts, and visual arts, as well as a changing attitude of the traditional gender roles, also altered the fashion.

Décolleté style

A beautiful design of neckline augments the overall look of the women garment and adds femininity. Bertha - a low shoulder neckline was at the peak of popularity amongst the English women during the Victorian Era of fashion and still in the vogue. Décolleté was the term used for the deep neckline that literally stands for ‘expose the neck’. A neckline was more focused and more importance was given to the cut bared a woman's shoulders and it was snipped with a three to six inch deep with several drapes of lace pleats. However, the exposure of neck-line was only limited to the high and middle-class women as the working class women in that period of time were not allowed to wear the skin revealing dresses.

Designer Gown

Legendary dress designers

A dress or gown has a long history to look upon yet every era has its own sartorial experts to keep this elegant garment as fresh as ever for the ages. The 21st century has experienced a number of legendary dress designers like Coco Chanel, Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino Garavani, and Oscar de la Renta who have beatified the numerous Western and women across the world with their brilliant designer gowns. Their marvelous designs of dresses and gowns have been the first choice of the film fraternity across the globe. So, be it a film festival, an award ceremony, or the celluloid, their creation turn heads with their beauty. The annual film festivals like Cannes and the Oscar that take place in France and Hollywood respectively every year are the dazzling red carpet events that bring fans from all over the world for these spectacular dresses. Hundreds of movie stars from Hollywood and film fraternity from other countries especially women put their curves on display wearing these breath-taking gowns on the red carpet.

Fame game

A dress is the most curvaceous wear on earth and an ideal outfit for a woman. The popularity of this gorgeous garb is not just limited to the western countries. This beautiful attire has admirers from all over the world. India is one of the countries in the world that loves this dress to the great extent. Whether it is a movie star or a common girl from Indian region, this outfit is every girl's favorite.

Designer Gown

Wedding desire

A dazzling white floor trailing wedding dress is a timeless dream for the young ladies who wish to be brides in the West and girls from the Christian community in other subcontinents. Wedding dresses are part of the haute couture and the fashion society is involved in the making of wedding dress business. 

Indian fusion wear

India is a place where sartorial experts are born every now and again. We love experimenting and we love to experiment with these dresses too. In a spree of experimenting things, Indian dressmakers are turning this traditional English dress into an Indian ethnic wear adding the Indian essence into this fabric. Presently, there is a fusion evolution in the Indian fashion market and a variety of dresses turning into the ethnic wear and overtaking the current scenario of Indian fashion. However, a gown in its original form is a timeless grace!