AI and Ayurveda are Now Going Hand in Hand

Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old system, finds its roots in the Vedic Indian culture. Despite its endless advantages,the holistic healing system that only uses natural methods of treatment had been losing its value during the time of foreign trade. Thankfully,the art of healing the soulwas revived and how. Not only did it find its lost value in its native land, but it also gained popularity across the globe. In fact, the Ayurveda sector is predicted to see a compound annual growth of 16% till 2025.

The services as well as the products offered by Ayurveda products online are gaining a lot of acceptance in all verticals. In the beauty and ayurveda domain, the makers of Ayurvedic products are now putting the advantages of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to create and deliver the best end products to the customers. In fact, with technology has enabled the ease of creating beauty products that are more personalized.

So, how is artificial intelligence helping Ayurveda deliver the best to the beauty industry, let’s find out here.

AI and Ayurveda

To start with the basics, AI makes collecting the data of the customers very easy. The data provides the makers with the basic information of the customer, such as medical history, past or present treatments, personal allergies, climate, region, ethnicity, color of the skin, etc. This data is collected by the AI by making the customers fill out a form. Once the data is fed, the customer is then offered a product that is available online. By putting AI to use, a customized product can be delivered to the customer. Not only will the customized product provide the customer with all the beauty needs, but it will also help in treating the ailments.

How Ayurveda has Been Adopting Technology

In 2018, the very first diagnostic protocol called the JivaAyunique was launched. The protocol was started 6 years ago by Jiva Ayurveda and has been a humongous data analytics project. It was initiated with the aid of machine learning techniques and Big Data analytics.

Ayurveda has been in the country since ages. But, with the help of AI and digitalization it has now been able to deliver more customized products to the beauty and ayurveda industry. Also, AI has helped Ayurveda products in staying up to date and catching up with all the latest trends in the industry. From the customer’s perspective also the introduction of AI to Ayurveda products has been beneficial since it does not offer generic solutions to a particular type of skin. Instead, it now caters to the needs of every type of skin by providing customized care. Thankfully, the more personalized approach in Ayurveda has also made the trend to catch up faster in the beauty industry and among the customers.

AI has also helped Ayurveda hair care to expand its market by making the customer experience better. Moreover, it can also boost the monetization of the industry and impact the cost reduction, growth in revenue, and consumption of the asset.