A Complete Guide to Healing Crystals

How Crystal Heals?

Healing is a process to rebuild your aura to let your body receive positive energies. History opens itself to the various healing methods which provide an alternate to medicines.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal found in nature have been a major source of absorbing the seen rays, thus penetrating them in human body and curing various ailments. Crystals have been identified in our history as a great source of healing. They align and transform their energy to balance the mental, physical and spiritual health of a human.

Times had forgotten this technique as pharmacies dominated. But a recent surge in interest in their properties has required the impact of this science.

How does a crystal healing work?

Sun is the key center of universe. It affects every single cell and atom of every component in human body. The energy which universe is made of is affected by the ray of sun. Have you ever experienced that wearing pearl or a specific color in cloth or jewellery has for no cause lifted up your moods and created a positive aura around you.


This is how crystal healing works. The energy inherent in different types of crystal when combines with the energy of the environment, hence created a healing touch.

Science being acknowledges in present:-

Many watch companies use quartz crystal in your watches and jewellery pieces. Pharmaceutical companies have started using grinded crystals in many medicines. The same way magnetism works these stones attracts or repels energy and reconstructs the area circle of human body.

The Balance Factor:-

You might have heard about seven chakras of human body, the disturbances and ailments in body. Crystal healing balances them curing various disbalance which may cause anxiety, depression, migraines etc.


What type of crystal to look for:-

This totally depends on what all you are expecting for a healing crystal t do to your body. Mainly there are 3 acts of healing crystals.


Like a magnet picks up small bits of metal where irrelevant.

Scarred –

the clearing crystal pick up the negative energy from our body and cleans them.

Energizing –

Several types of energies flow in our environment. Various magnetic fields emerge different type energies. The energizing crystals absorb them and infuse them in body’s energy zone – hence adding to the levels.


The aura of our body is the receptive of all energies. It’s balance repulsive negative energy, balancing crystal help in balancing that aura and creates positivity in mind and body. How and where t keep the healing crystals.

Any contact or touch to the crystal affects vs wear them, keep them in your work place or home meditate with them, have them bed side to improve your sleep put them in your pocket or anywhere hear you – They will heal. Just choosing an appropriate crystal for yourself is important and the changes seen would be significant.