How To Protect Your Skin In The Summer Season?

summer season is quite annoying for skin and thus proper remedies and precautions should be practiced by everyone. Some basic natural remedies are enough for protection from sun rays.


Although summer can be fun in beaches and swimming pools, it is not the best time for skin. Overexposure to sunlight can cause dreadful effects to the skin that takes a longer time to recover. Most of these effects are permanent and can’t be cleared even after using effective antibiotics and skin lotions. The increase of salt content over the skin can also cause some side effect to the skin such as loss of moisture and reduction in the glow. Maintaining the soft and supple face tone is quite a difficult task if you are in a work that requires longer exposure to sunlight.


How exposure to sunlight affects the skin?


Sunlight releases an ultraviolet ray which is quite harmful. They can dry up the glucose and water levels from the skin apparently that can cause an adverse effect on the entire body. Rashes and scurvy often start in the hot season as the skin gets completely dried up lacking all kinds of minerals and vitamins in it. Overexposure can also lead to peeling of the natural tone in many persons and the rest parts which are not affected looks odd.


Ways to protect your skin in summer


There are several ways in the form of prevention methods, remedies and use of some products to avoid the effects caused by long exposure to sunlight. Some of the most effective ways that can surely bring in good results are


  1. Use proper sunscreen lotion: - If you are in a work that needs to be in the sun for a long time then you should probably choose the most suitable lotion for your skin as the first priority. These lotions can reduce the excess loss of water from the pores of the skin and keeps it moisturized for a long time. They can reflect some amount of harmful UV rays which can affect your skin badly.
  2. Wear proper sun gears such as caps and sunglasses: - Even if you are aware of the creams and medications that can be useful in protecting you from UV, proper glasses and caps can be a good companion for sure. They can filter out the heavy rays released from the sun effectively.
  3. Diet: - When it comes to protection of skin in summer the food that you intake also plays a major role. If you are having junk or oily foods then you will lack water content in your body which in result leads to pimples and infections. Intake of proper vegetables having minerals and vitamins can protect for a great extent.
  4. Water intake: - Drink 5 to 6 liters of water to maintain a proper balance of glucose and insulin levels in your body. Intake of glucose can also do a part of your work as an alternative.


Besides these remedies, if you are already affected by the infections then you should consult a physician for medication before using random beauty products available in the market.