Principles for hot weather

Of all the seasons, summer feels quite irritable due to the hot and sweaty weather that ruins your look completely. Besides health maintenance such as drinking much water, having fruits and avoiding junk foods, dressing also plays a major role in irresistible humid climate. It becomes even more essential if you are going for an interview or a special event such as marriage or gathering parties. Therefore one should have a clear cut planning and idea about the attire that should be worn in the summer season to reduce inconvenience and also look good at the same time.  Here are some principles that classy people should follow to maintain their prestige and image with their dress and looks that reflect their status.

Avoid over aesthetics: - Use of sunscreen lotion is enough for the protection of tanning but the use of more chemicals on your skin can cause adverse effects on summer. Due to extreme heat, those aesthetics remains inside the pores of your skin making your skin dry which will later lead to pimples and scars. On the other hand, it is necessary to prevent excess flow of water from the pores of your skin and thus you should use light moisturizers to keep your skin soft and supple.

Wear lightweight clothes: - Wearing cotton or linen clothes is the best choice in hot weather as they keep your body cool and causes less sweat too. Heavy clothes such as jean jackets and jean pants cling to the skin and trap the sweat forming a layer between the fabric and skin. This is why you never feel sweat while wearing tight jeans. This leads to rashes and skin infections too. Prefer light cotton shirts or T-shirts to stay cool and fresh in the hot and humid climate.

Prefer breathable fabrics: - One must wear the outfit that has the ability to let the moisture out and feel cool while evaporation from the outer layer of the cloth. Cotton shirts or blazers are perfect for humid climates as they can allow your body to breathe by letting the air pass in and out from the fabric. Not all lightweight fabrics are breathable but one should prefer the breathable clothing as well as the light weighted one.

Avoid dark colored dresses: - Besides the weight and feel, colors of the outfits also play a major role to sustain the heat in summer. Light colored cotton dresses such as light pink, white, light blue are good at reflecting the sun rays and providing cool feel. On the other hand, dark dresses absorb the heat from the sun and make your body heat resulting in rashes and infections. Even caps and hats should also be light to reflect the heat from your head.

Construction of dresses: - Type of dress that you should choose to wear in summer is also essential as short sleeves tans your body and long sleeves make your body warm trapping the heat and sweat. The best way to go with clothes is to choose light colored sleeves t-shirt with breathable fabrics while you are in the sun. Polo T-shirts and plain cotton shirts can be the best choice in hot weather as they feel light and also protect the keen parts of the neck from tanning.