Reason for the Surge of Women Online Shoppers in India

Shopping is one of that fields where women dominate men from a long time. In the traditional way of shopping, this domination is understood as most of the men don’t prefer to sit in any brick and mortar shop and keep searching for some suitable stuff for them. Bored with the traditional style of shopping, men were happy when the digital magic stepped up in their houses and they started to explore the online shopping sites aggressively. But dear men, soon you are going to reach in the second position as women are doing more online shopping nowadays, according to the reports.  

Indian market is full of opportunities for online shopping sites. The coming generation is very much vigilant about their looks. So, the online shopping sites have a secure future here but the sudden change in the behavior of female customers is a surprise even for the online shopping sites. Let’s find out the reasons that motivate women customers to shop more on online shopping websites for women.

Reasons Behind the Surge of Women Online Shoppers in India

Women are skipping malls to shop online, the reasons behind this move are many and here are a few of them.

The Working Women

Like men, women are also becoming career oriented. They don’t like to waste their time visiting shopping malls for shopping. The online shopping sites give them an easy way to shop while sitting in their office cabins only. This is the biggest reason that motivates the women shoppers to knock at online shopping sites. Another reason why working women prefer online shopping is that they want official dresses which are not easily available in the market but at one’s fingertips on the online shopping sites for apparel

New Trends

Who doesn’t like new trendy clothes? Of course, everyone does. But the issue is that the trends change very frequently.  Here, you wait for the floral dress to arrive at your regular shop and their solids became a new trend. Online shopping world is very fast in this, in fact, most of the times these online apparel shopping sites like tell us about the latest trend. When you have a handy option then why to visit that regular shop?  Now, these shopping site delivers the products in less time even in tier 2 cities, this makes them a preferable choice for impatient women customers.

Availability of Mobile Phone

In India, the mobile phone is considered as the reason behind a few good and bad things and here we are talking about the role of the mobile phone in online shopping. 70% of online shopping is executed through mobile phones and the rest 30% from other mediums like desktops or laptops. In the last few years, there is a visible hike in the numbers of female mobiles users and there is a strong connection between mobile users and online shoppers. Mobile has made the technology handy moreover most of the Online shopping websites in India for clothes have their own apps which make shopping a smart experience. The hike in the numbers of female mobile users is another big reason behind the hike in women online shoppers.  

It’s Women’s Nature    

Women from tier 1 cities like Delhi, Mumbai preferred the online shopping most. In tier 2 cities the tradition of online shopping is spreading at a pace. The reason behind the craze of online shopping among the ladies is that they want to look better than their counterparts. Female shoppers mostly shop for apparels from the online store. The shopping tendency of female online shoppers is as follows;

  • Shopping for apparel- 35%
  • Shopping for fashion jewellery-26%
  • Shopping for fashion accessories-19%
  • Shopping for shoes-8%
  • Shopping for home décor-12%

It shows that the female online shoppers love to buy clothes online.

Marketing Strategies of Online Shopping Sites

The marketing team of online shopping sites sees female customers as most potential customers so they try to woo them in different ways. Reward points, credit points are one of the policies that impress women customers. More surprisingly this type of policy is mostly adopted by online shopping sites for clothes. The second smart move by these shopping websites is the use of famous faces and movies. There are various sites which have Dipika’s and other actresses’ clothes replica with them. These sites send e-mails to their registered customers so that they can visit the site and they might book something to deliver. 

Women online shoppers are giving tough competition to the men shoppers and it is expected that with a surge in the number of working women, the online shopping sites will get more female traffic than ever.