Reasons To Start Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is heralded as one of the healthiest and authentic beverages across the planet. It is a mixture of nutrients and anti-oxidants that has a positive impact on our body. Some of the astonishing benefits of consuming Green tea include loss of fat, enhanced brain functionalities and minimum risk of cancer development. This beverage which is indigenous to countries like India and China was praised for its amazing health benefits.

History of Camellia Sinensis

Apart from water, beverages like tea are consumed by people on a regular basis worldwide. However, majority of the tea taken by people across the planet is black and remaining is green. Leaves and leaf buds of Camellia Sinensis are commonly used to manufacture wide varieties of tea like yellow tea, gree­­­n tea, black tea and white tea. The term 'Camellia' is derived from the Latin name of a prominent pharmacist Rev. Georg Kamel.

Organic Green Tea is prepared using unoxidized leaves infused with anti-oxidants and polyphenols. Some of the proven benefits of Green Tea are mentioned below:

  1. Green Tea is jam-packed with bioactive compounds:-

 Green Tea is a beverage that carries huge volume of plant compounds and nutrients. It is a rich source of polyphenols that helps fight against deadly diseases like cancer and reduce inflammation. Apart from bioactive compounds, it contains large amount of catechin known as EGCG. It is a natural anti-oxidant that averts damage of cells offering multiple health benefits. Green Tea acts as a defensive mechanism by safeguarding cells and molecules from damage. In addition, development of free radicals within our body is reduced. This beverage also consists of few traces of minerals that have a positive impact on the body. You need to focus on purchasing top quality brand of green tea instead of low quality ones since it contain large amount of fluorides.

        2. Improved brain functionalities and keeps you refreshed:-

 One of the core ingredients included in Green Tea is a stimulant known by the name 'Caffeine'. This acts on the brain by blocking Adenosine and help in increasing the activity of neurons and thereby increases the production of dopamine and norepinephrine. Studies have proved that Caffeine improves memory, mood, reaction and vigilance in brain functions. What makes Green Tea a very potent drink is also the existence of Amino acid L-Theanine. This content inhibits the neurotransmitter GABA and reduces anti-anxiety effects. Obviously these two ingredients in green tea reduce a milder but substantially different kind of impact than coffee. The net result is users of green tea report being more energetic and productive when they drink green tea.

       3. Reduces fat and enhances physical performances:-

 Studies have established that Organic Green Tea contains ingredients that burn fat and boost the energy level. The fat burning characteristic of green tea increases fat oxidation by nearly 17%. This however may vary between individuals. But it has now been well established that Green Tea boost metabolic rate.

      4. Anti-oxidants decreases the risk of select types of cancers:-

 Cancer is the result of uncontrolled growth of cells and oxidative damage enhances the chances of cancer and its possible remedies lies in using anti-oxidants. Green Tea contains such powerful anti-oxidants which help in reducing the risk of this deadly disease. Its beneficial impact is in reducing the following types of cancer.

  • Breast cancer

 Studies have shown that women who consume green tea had a 20-30% lower risk.


  • Pro-state cancer

 Men who drink green tea have a 48% lower risk of developing pro-state cancer.


  • Colorectal cancer

Scores of studies have established that green tea reduces this type of cancer by nearly 42%.


It can therefore be concluded that the powerful anti-oxidant in green tea protects a person from the risk of developing cancer.

       5. Lowers the risks of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's:-

 Two geriatric ailments which haunt everybody is the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Both are neuro degenerative diseases and affect the brain by either causing Dementia or the cessation of dopamine producing neurons. But certain bioactive compounds in Green tea protect the brain from the risk of these common neuro generative disorders.

       6. Improves dental health:-

 There is a chemical called Catechins in green tea which helps in reducing the production of certain bacteria's and viruses which causes infections particularly in tooth cavities. Hence those who drink green tea have better dental health with reduced risks of caries and bad breath.

       7. Reduces Type 2 diabetes:-

 the other important benefits of green tea is that it reduces diabetes. Diabetes which has become so widespread that nearly four hundred million people worldwide are victims to it. The characteristics of this disease are a high level of blood sugar and resistance our inability to produce insulin. Studies in Japan have proved that among regular users of green tea 42% have a lower risk of developing it.

     8. Possibility to reduce cardio vascular disease:-

 Like diabetes, cardio vascular diseases have become very widespread. Most causes of sudden death or stroke are attributed to this particular disease. A great advantage of green tea is that it helps in lowering the production of LDL cholesterol and helps in keeping cardio vascular diseases at bay.

     9. Reduces obesity:-

 Regular use of green tea boosts metabolic rate and helps in losing weight. Many studies have conclusively proved that abdominal fat can be reduced by consuming green tea.

     10. Increases longevity:-

 Many studies in Japan have found that those who drink the most amount of green tea have a chance of living longer than those who don't.

 Obviously, among the various different kinds of health drinks, the best and most natural choice would certainly be green tea and buy green tea online also. Very few health drinks contain so many different beneficial features which help in maintaining good health. Hence, for those people who are health conscious apart from dieting and exercising, drinking green tea would greatly enhance their immunity and general health. So by cutting short use of coffee and regular tea and switching over to green tea would be a wise decision.