The Shy Girl Turned Diva Next Door

Like technology if anything is getting updated with the whoop of a second then that is fashion. Similarly, women empowerment has winged the ladies to fly and touch the stars. No longer are they confined to societal norms and restrictions.

Fashion has been the booster for women to enhance their self confidence. And to come out of their closet, the fashion and clothing industry has changed the way the world used to see a woman. As a fact, clothes aren’t changing the world; it is the woman who is wearing it and changing the scenario.

These days’ women are being very concerned about their sizes and how they look. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. She doesn’t need to fit in the shoes of someone else’s size. Breaking barriers is the very own way to find oneself in this very society. Being unique is itself unique, so dress for yourself which you can carry out confidently and don’t dress for others.

Comfortable Trends to Follow:

Always dress something which reflects your personality and true character. Dressing comfortably is far trendier than dressing like someone else. It’s not bad to follow someone’s style but it is much more appreciated if you stand out of the crowd with your own way of styling. Styling is an art that explains how wonderfully one can reuse things in many ways. Here also we can apply the three R’s when it comes to styling:

  • Reduce stereotypical fashion sense
  • Reuse old clothes for new trends
  • Recycle the unused clothes for new ones

Three simple ways can simplify the life at ease for every woman out there. So, stop struggling with the thought of throwing away the older ones from your closet, because they are the new trend settlers coming up. You never know, when you become the sensational diva or trend settler in this world of social media.

Dress According to the Body Type:

As the summers are already here, beautiful ladies are must be hunting for summer dresses. Here are some important things discussed with expert’s help to follow while you shop for summer dresses. There are various long dresses for women available in the market. But always remember all the things that shine are not gold, so all the available dresses online are not for all kinds of seasons. For summer always go for flared, airy and lose fitted clothes for comfort. Wear things which are neither too tight nor too loose, something which defines your body and also becomes a style statement. Don’t go for loud make-ups and glossy foundations. As the mercury goes up, you will start sweating and you would definitely not want you skin to be too oily. Always try to make it simple and cooler, whatever you wear but wear in which you are comfortable.

  • For apple shaped body type: A-line dresses are perfect for any occasion
  • For hourglass shaped body type: body hugging dresses are perfect to look stunning
  • For pear shaped body type: A-lined and ruffled dresses are must to try on.
  • For rectangle shaped body type: layered or sleeveless or strapless dresses are the thing to try
  • For inverted triangle shaped body type: V-neck dresses will look good amazing.

Being aware of your body type can solve half of the problems when you shop for yourself.

Where to Wear?           

With so many available choices it is difficult to decide which one to buy and how to dress accordingly. Every woman says that they don’t have the right party dresses to wear for any occasion. They are just afraid of what’s, how’s and where’s when it comes to get ready for any occasion.

Here are some quick sneak peeks to resolve this confusion of what’s, how’s and where’s for all ladies. Ladies who love wearing dresses are blessed to have a vast and various collections of dresses available in the market. One can get the desired dress for herself easily from the e-stores as well. Ladies dress for themselves and not for anyone else to keep oneself happy. Following are few tips to follow while shopping for party dresses online:

Types of Fabrics:

  • Cotton, georgette, silk, tussar, satin, jacquard, net, velvet, art silk, khaadi etc.

 These are the preferred fabrics for dresses. Quality matters when it comes to choose comfort. For different occasions like: wedding, parties, festivals, formal meetings, casual outings, dates, romantic dinners; various dresses online are available for every occasion.

Types of Dresses:

  • Midi flared dresses
  • A-line dresses
  • Long dresses
  • Jacket dresses
  • Off-shoulder dresses
  • Halter dresses
  • Body hugging dresses

It is suggested to every lady to explore your styling and not just restrict yourself by the rule book. There is no such rule book maintained in fashion industry. Exploring all the patterns or designs lets to freely choose the eye catching ladies dress.

Dress According to the Season:

For ladies, summer dresses are very much in demand as the season is knocking at the door. The different motifs and cool fabrics make it pretty exciting when it is worn. Floral patterns are highly in demand among the ladies. These prints are very soothing and comfortable to wear. They can be worn in every type of occasion be it office parties or evening dates.

For romantic dinners or date with your loved ones evening dresses will be appropriate to make your moment more special. Evening dresses can be short, midi or long with different necklines. For summers it is recommended to wear light coloured cotton fabrics to get the diva look for the evening.

Expert’s Advice:

There are many available websites that has a varied range of collections. There is a great customer reviewed website for apparels especially to buy dresses online i.e. Eanythingindian. They’ve a huge collection for different varieties of summer long dresses in varied ranges. You just need to make a choice and enjoy wearing the best attires. Most importantly, these long dresses will fit within your budget which is a great thing for buyers!