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Voice Search Functionality has revolutionized and eased the way we used to do different things. Voice-activated assistant devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod, or Siri and Cortana in Mobile phones are present almost everywhere around us. And with this, it can be said that most of our internet searches will be conducted through the voice search functionality by 2020.

We, at eanythingindian, have implemented AI with unique voice search facility to provide the users with the best shopping experience. Now, you can use the website through voice command. All you need to do is to speak your search query or a specific product, on and its AI search engine will show you the product on your screen. This is our unique feature which has not implemented by others yet.

The technology is taking over and has widely changed the traditional way of shopping. People are more and more inclining towards the e-commerce portals for shopping and that includes anything and everything from basic household stuff to expensive electronic appliances. With this increasing demand, the e-commerce companies in India are giving each other a tough competition and trying hard to provide the users with a superior experience. And for this, the e-commerce companies are using Artificial Intelligence to create a better user experience and be the first choice for their customers.

AI has made things quite easy and the results pretty accurate, from searching the nearest restaurant to forecasting the weather of next whole week. Top tech companies are continuously working on research programs to enhance the performance, make it more human-friendly, and widen the application areas of Artificial Intelligence.

The main aim of any e-commerce website is to increase the conversion by enhancing the user experience and providing a simple and better e-commerce experience to the consumers than the others. There are different features that can enhance the experience but AI is the most important of all these.

If we talk about facts here, there is a research that shows that a person can speak about 300 words/minute and type only 100 words/minute. And, this explains why voice commands are the better way of searching for products online than type commands.

Now, our users can search for, say bedsheets or home décor, with their voice command only while their hands are busy with some other work. We are improving continuously to give our customers the best ever online shopping experience.

The voice recognition technology and devices are also improving altogether. The voice command devices and technology have become quite helpful now and a great way for people to make a call, send texts, and to search for things online as well. We all love to launch our mobile and get the information by just saying ‘Hey Siri’, ‘Okay Google.’ Home hubs like Amazon Alexa are also becoming very famous all around.

 The technology has advanced and voice search functionality is now available on e-commerce websites. The first e-commerce website to implement this technology is

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