We Grow With What We Work To Grow

Today going global is not only a possibility to a company; it is almost a necessity. With the onset of globalization, the competition among industries from all sectors has become steeper. A company’s survival and sustained growth depends mainly on the ability of the company to update itself with the current advancements in technology and employ talented professionals who add value to the company. One of the key strategies to grow your business is to grow your employees. With employees leaving companies owing to the lack of individualistic and career growth, it is important to ensure the employees of your company are happy. Happy and satisfied employees are the key to satisfied and motivated customers and therefore result in the growth of the company drastically.

 How companies can make a difference to the society

The success of a business does not rely on the amount of money it makes; it is about the difference it creates in others’ lives. A business should create a positive impact to its environment, making people around them happy. When people around you are happy, your company gets to be happy. It is important that companies realize their responsibilities in creating a better community instead of being carried away by the day-day materialistic work.

  • Companies can collaborate with non-governmental organizations and help in contributing to the needy and hunger driven part of the society. Be it hospital, food store, youth group , orphanage, old age homes or shelters for the homeless, companies can volunteer to bring a change in their lives.
  • Companies can maintain cross-sector partnerships that create a long term value.
  • Companies can arrange for blood donation camps within their premises to inculcate the joy of donating blood in their employees.
  • Companies can allow their employees to mentor people in the area who might use their helping hand to make their ends meet.
  • Companies can allocate days specially for organizing charitable events.
  • Companies can support the ingenious businesses or local market in the surrounding uplifting the economy of the surrounding.
  • Companies can organize a clean-up drive to constantly ensure that their surroundings is hygienic.
  • Companies can also take up projects on building affordable homes for their laborers and employees.


How companies make a difference in the lives of employees

  1. Transparency: Companies should be transparent and open with their employees. It is necessary to explain the objectives of the company to every employee and help him/her understand how his/her work guides in attaining the goals of the organization. When you relate their work with the goals of the organization, it makes them feel responsible and prioritized driving them to work efficiently. There are various companies which do not state the significance behind their employees’ work which ultimately discourages them and makes them wonder their role in the organization. While giving project to the teams in an organization, the HR should be able to make them realize the importance of the project and how people will benefit from it.
  2. The power of praising: The company heads or leaders should make it a point to praise an employee then and there when he works efficiently and productively. The heads can send out personal hand written notes to the employees praising their work and how thankful they are to have them in the organization. You may never know the power of a couple of positive words when conveyed honestly.
  3. Motivation: It is necessary to constantly motivate your employees in their work. By conducting a brief session everyday morning in which the leaders talk about the progress of the company in terms of statistics and profit, will definitely uplift the working spree of the employees.
  4. Leadership training: Each and every employee should be invited to leadership programs conducted within the organization. A leader should create more leaders in the society. By training the employees on the ways of becoming a true leader, you are instilling in him great confidence and hope that he too can become a leader one day.
  5. Personality development programs: In order to develop a better attitude and positive minded workforce, companies can provide personality development programs to the employees as well as the managerial staff. By building their personalities, you build a positive and cooperative work environment which in turn helps you achieve your business goals faster and efficiently building their personalities, you build a positive and cooperative work environment which in turn helps you achieve your business goals faster and efficiently.
  6. Festivities and celebrations: Your employees will feel encouraged and respected, when you celebrate and wish them on their birthdays in the company. Besides birthday celebrations, it is necessary to inculcate the habit of celebrating festivals irrespective of the religion to promote happiness and enthusiasm amongst the employees. By permitting employees to work from home when they have important occasions at home makes them feel comfortable and satisfied. It is important to provide genuine holidays to your employees. They do need breaks after all they are humans too. By giving them leave for their vacations, you are ensuring that your employees serve for your company on a long-term basis.
  7. Socializing: By conducting social gatherings, inviting employees for group lunches, team visits and trips, you promote a healthy and happy work environment. When employees get to know each other well, they tend to work cooperatively with a better vigor and enthusiasm. By giving them the pleasure of socializing with each other, you are indirectly enhancing the productivity of your business.
  8. Environment concern: Companies can create awareness amongst their employees on the rising environmental issues and can enable ways to conserve the environment. Companies can contribute towards environmental conservation by making its employees to plant trees on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Companies can also plan campaigns and clean-up drives by making ots employees to clean their nearby lakes and residential area. A better surrounding instills a better workplace.
  9. Philanthropic deeds: The company can allocate resources for contributing to philanthropic non-governmental organizations such as orphanages, old age homes and shelters for the homeless which make a difference in the lives of the under privileged , in turn making a difference in the society. By conducting blood donation camps, marathons and rallies as charitable events, companies can bring out the humanness out of their employees, making them better human beings and defining their purpose to serve the fellow beings as the foremost priority.
  10. Concern for their health: Companies should be responsible for the healthcare of their employees. By offering medical insurance to permitting the employees to getting regular body check-ups, companies can improve the fitness of their employees. By providing a gymnasium, yoga center, meditation center, spa and rejuvenation centers within the premises of the company, the employees can look after their health within their working schedule in their workplace.
  11. Good food everyday: By maintaining a hygienic food restaurant and cafeteria within the work premises, employees get to eat healthy and good food every day, making them work productively and energetically.
  12. Family care: While certain companies provide accommodation facilities at affordable rates to their employees, certain companies provide children day care centers for the children of their employees. These facilities help the employees to work peacefully without worrying about home.
  13. Work flexibility:Work flexibility is an important option for employees working in your organization. The liberty given to employees to work from their home effectively helps them avoid the physical and mental exhaustion of commuting and being in the office. It is advisable to allow employees to use their work from home option once in a week to give them the break they badly deserve yet ensuring the productivity of the work.
  14. Retirement coaching: Retirement coaching gives employees a handle on their future. By conducting workshops and coaching sessions, the organization can build confidence in the employees and help them plan their retirement life, making their transition to retirement relatively smooth and easy.
  15. Opportunities: A company which provides multitude of opportunities be it within the country or abroad has better working standards than other companies. Exposing the employees to varied opportunities in the global environment helps them better themselves and makes them learn new things that can help build a better working environment.
  16. Recreation: Companies can host recreational activities to relieve the stress off their employees. They can host games and quizzes to maintain the energy in the working environment constantly over the sky. Certain companies play light instrumental music on the background in the workplace to create a peaceful working environment.
  17. Feedback: It is equally important to collect feedback from the employees of your organization as it is important to collect feedback from your customers. An honest and clear feedback form helps employees state their concerns comfortably, thereby helping you to improve and modify your work regulations based on the feedback. A constantly growing business organization is one which constantly modifies its work routine and type based on the suggestions of its customers and employees.


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