Why Online Shopping is being Popular?

Online shopping has become a convenient way of shopping. Online shopping sites for clothes are one of the most visited e-commerce websites. Many of us prefer to run our fingers on the screens of our phones instead of walking to the shopping malls or shops for shopping.

 It has been a decade since Indians are shopping online. But the opening phase of online shopping sites was not much appreciated by the buyers. At the launch time of e-commerce portals, many Indian believed that online shopping will not woo Indian customers. But Indian customers not only chose this modern way of shopping but made it popular as well.

Traditionally, we Indians love to bargain, love to touch the clothes and even pulses to check their quality but still, we started loving online shopping. Have you ever thought that what made online shopping so popular in India? Let’s explore the reasons that make online shopping popular in our not so modern country.

Less Crowd

India is the second most populated country in the world so you can expect crowd everywhere. In this case, if you don’t like a crowd then online shopping is a better option for you. Although online shopping sites are not less crowded but here, in these virtual shops you don’t need to say ‘excuse me’ to others to get the way towards your section. 

Launch Pad

Online shopping portals have become launch pads for gadgets like smartphones. Most of the companies launch their products on some online shopping web portal. These smartphone companies do perfect marketing of their phones and simultaneously the web portal also get advertised. This strategy works like killing two birds with the same stone.  Online shopping sites allow you not to wait for long for the arrival of the new stuff at the store. Companies launch most of the new stuff online and made it available for a customer in a short span of time.

Mobile Friendly

The numbers of smartphone users are increasing in India. The more people start using smartphones, the more they explore the online market. All the shopping websites showcase their products in such a wonderful way with the tag of a huge discount that the customer wants to try it for the first time.  It happens mostly when you buy clothes online. At first, the customer does the online apparel shopping as an experiment and just to check the results and within a short span of time, he becomes used to of online shopping.

Busy Schedule    

 With time, our lifestyle has changed. In most of the families, both the man and woman of the house are working. They don’t prefer to spend their weekends while roaming around the shopping malls. So, they find online shopping a smooth way to shop together without any hustle- bustle. Online shopping gives independence to its customers to shop from anywhere without making any change in their daily routine.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

The online shopping portals come up with new ideas to sell their stuff to the customers. The think tank of online shopping sites like eanythingindian.com always comes up with innovative ideas that force consumers to step up in the online shopping portals. No costs EMI, EMI through debit cards are just a few of them. Moreover, on the festive season, you can find a few of the items at a very negotiable price.

Online shopping sites use very strong marketing strategies to advertise their festive sales. The announcement of the sale happens always at the right time like Diwali sale. And these companies use all local to national platforms to advertise their sales. So, customers by default get attracted towards these shopping portals and when they find so many products at a reasonable price, they end up by adding something in their cart and most of the time, more than just what they want.

More Products

Online shopping portals have a huge product base. They don’t need to keep the stuff physically with them. All the products we see on the online shopping portals are virtual only. We can look for many products at one go on online shopping websites. This gives us many options and sometimes we find something which is attractive yet on reasonable price.   

So, these were a few reasons which made online shopping popular in India. Online shopping sites are very quick in serving their customers and this made us their fan.