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women entrepreneur

  1. The Rise Of 6 Significant Women Entrepreneurs Of India

    We are now the part of a generation where women have overcome all negative notions prevailing in society and proved themselves superior in different niches through their will power and hard work.
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  2. Five Essential Tips Every Female Entrepreneur Must Execute For A Successful Retail Business

    Entrepreneurship is initiating a business idea to reap benefits and avoiding losses in progress. With so many start-up ideas creating a buzz on the internet, Entrepreneurship has become a trend in the modern era. It is also one such genre where women have experienced immense success and popularity, as well. 

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  3. [EXCLUSIVE] From Grit to Glory, The Journey of eAnythingIndian’s Co-founder Meeta Dandona

    Delhi-based Meeta Dandona is the founder of pan-India online shopping portal This portal is launched with the motto “Be Indian. Buy Indian.”

    Meeta Dandona is a role model for all women who want to keep their dreams alive

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