Cane Sorghum 350gm by True Elements

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        Cane Sorghum Is One Of The Perfect Replacements For Molasses. It Is Dark-Coloured And Thick Syrup Which Is Naturally Extracted From Sorghum Cane. It Is A Sweetener, Inspired By The Ancient People. True Elements Cane Sorghum Syrup Is Not Just A Pack Of Calories, But It Is Loaded With Certain Health Benefits. It Is Purely Natural And Does Not Contain Any Artificial Sweetener. Flavour: It Has A Very Sweet Flavour, With Various Fruit Hints. Not Only Sweet, It Also Consists Of Complex Flavours by True Elements

        • Features:-
        • Benefits:- Tired of everyday stomach cramps? Consume sorghum: The fibre content in it helps in improving the digestive system, prevents stomach-ache and relieves you from any stomach disorder. - Concerned about bone health and joint pain? Add this to your diet: Magnesium boosts the production of calcium in the body and heals the pain of joints. It also strengthens the bone tissues and prevents the risk of osteoporosis. - Want to stay active the whole day? Stay energized with this syrup: The presence of niacin in sorghum converts the food into usable energy to keep you going throughout the day. - Difficulty in breathing? Hit on this syrup: A headache occurs when there is a difficulty in breathing and circulation of blood. Copper intake in it decreases the risks of anaemia. It helps in enhancing the development of red blood corpuscles. - Fight ageing and lead a long life: It is loaded with several nutrients. For proper functioning of the body, nutrients are necessary which helps prevent strokes and lead a long life. - Diabetic friendly: It consists of enzymes which inhibit the absorption of start, which maintains the insulin and glucose levels of a diabetic patient. - Sorghum is also known to prevent the risk of cancer cells grown in the body. Due to its gluten-free property, it avoids gastrointestinal problems.
        • Direction Of Use:- Sorghum Syrup Can Be Used As An Alternative To Molasses. You Can Also Use It In Place Of Honey As A Topping In Pancakes Or Simply Pour It On The Top Of Smoothies. It Can Also Be Used As A Garnish In Ice-Creams, Cakes And Breakfast Cereals.
        • Ingredients:- Sweet Sorghum Juice.
        • Remark:- Packed In A Facility That Also Handles Tree Nuts And Cereals Containing Gluten.
        • Storage Instruction:- Store In Cool And Dry Place,Keep Away From Direct Sunlight. Do Not Refrigerate.
        • Shelf Life:- 12 M/O Of Mfrg
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        Product Name Cane Sorghum 350gm by True Elements
        Size 350gm
        Style Cane Sorghum
        Ingredients Sweet Sorghum Juice.
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