Panee Henna Shampoo Bar - Chestnut

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Henna Chestnut Soap
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        Henna, is a desert Powering plant. The powdered leaves have been used since ancient times as a natural dye. The red pigment, lawsone, is a tannin found in the leaves of the henna plant which are naturally dried, crushed and sifted. You cannot see the red color in the leaves because it is hidden by the green chlorophyll pigment.

        Henna, Is A Desert Powering Plant. The Powdered Leaves Have Been Used Since Ancient Times As A Natural Dye. The Red Pigment, Lawsone, Is A Tannin Found In The Leaves Of The Henna Plant Which Are Naturally Dried, Crushed And Sifted. You Cannot See The Red Color In The Leaves Because It Is Hidden By The Green Chlorophyll Pigment.

        • Henna Pigments Bind With The Keratin Protein In Hair And Provide A Permanent Coating To The Cuticle. Unlike Synthetic Hair Dyes, Henna Pigments Do Not Chemically Alter Hair.
        • Recommended For: Limp, Lifeless And Dull Hair.
        • Storage: Store In Cool And Dry Place.
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