Future Organics Gongura Pickle-160Gm

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Gongura Pickle-160Gm
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        • Organic Gongura Pickle: Red Sorrel Leaves are called Gongura in Telugu. Also called Pitwaa in Hindi, these leaves can taste sour but they are effective in curing colds, cough and fever. Rich in Vitamin C, this pickled delight will also help develop your appetite. A favourite in the Guntur region in Andhra Pradesh, this Gongura Pickle is all shades of awesome.
        • How to use:-Best serve with hot rice and Rotis
        • Shelf Life (In Days):- 12months from the date of packing
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        Product Name Future Organics Gongura Pickle-160Gm
        Size 160gm
        Style Pickles
        Ingredients Red Sorrel Leaves(Gongura), Tamarind, Salt, Fried Red Chilli Powder, Fenugreek Seeds Powder, Garlic and Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil.
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        • Offering FREE SHIPPING for orders of $150 or more!